Saturday, December 14, 2013

Filling The Void

Good afternoon everyone.  On this slow college football Saturday, I thought that I'd try to help you out.  Below you will see the teams that are rated in the Top 25 of the current BCS standings, followed by Phil Steele's 2013 Preseason Top 25...

Current BCS Standings:

1)  Florida State
2)  Auburn
3)  Alabama
4)  Michigan State
5)  Stanford
6)  Baylor
7)  Ohio State
8)  Missouri
9)  South Carolina
10)  Oregon
11)  Oklahoma
12)  Clemson
13)  Oklahoma State
14)  Arizona State
15)  UCF
16)  LSU
17)  UCLA
18)  Louisville
19)  Wisconsin
20)  Fresno State
21)  Texas A&M
22)  Georgia
23)  Northern Illinois
24)  Duke
25)  USC

Phil Steele's 2013 Preseason Top 25:

1)  Alabama
2)  Ohio State
3)  Florida State
4)  Texas
5)  Oregon
6)  USC
7)  Louisville
8)  Oklahoma State
9)  Georgia
10)  Notre Dame
11)  Stanford
12)  Virginia Tech
13)  Texas A&M
14)  South Carolina
15)  Clemson
16)  Nebraska
17)  LSU
18)  Florida
19)  Oklahoma
20)  Wisconsin
21)  TCU
22)  Fresno State
23)  Michigan State
24)  Michigan
25)  Miami

I hope that helps you out, as currently your only option is watching North Dakota State 31  Coastal Carolina 7 in the FCS quarterfinals.  You've got my 'Ten Horrific Bets,', Joey's College Hoops Parlay Card, and Alyssa' Texans/Colts prediction in my previous entry, and tomorrow I'll be back with my fantasy football matchup for this weekend.  Have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow!


  1. I am actually not a huge college football fan, but this has been one heck of a season with drama, especially as good teams have had chances to lock up important games and have failed.

  2. Very true lightning, and those two lists don't look very much alike either... :) I'm ready for the bowls - not a lot on the football menu today...

  3. A good College Hoop game just ended. Arizona 72-70 over Michigan.

  4. Yep - I watched a good bit of the second half, mainly because of Joey's pick, the fact that Arizona was ranked #1, and the North Dakota State blowout... ;)