Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fantasy Football Championship/Wk. 2 of 2

Good afternoon everyone.  Well, the last weekend of the NFL regular season has officially started, and that means that the last weekend of my fantasy championship has also.  After the first round and heading into today, my Bikini Hill Bobcats held a 91-68 lead over Good Dotto.  These are today's starting lineups for those of you who are following along at home...

Bikini Hill Bobcats

D. Brees, D. Brown, L. McCoy, Chris Johnson, C. Patterson, K. Allen, J. Witten, A. Vinatieri, and the Seahawks D/ST.

Good Dotto

M. Stafford, D. Murray, K. Davis, M. Colston, R. Cooper, A.J. Green, V. Davis, S. Hauschka, and the Lions D/ST.

And there you go.  Football will undoubtedly receive more of my attention today that it has during the past couple of days with the one-sided bowl games losing out to the 'Breaking Bad' marathon...  Send me your good karma and enjoy your football today!


  1. Thank you Mojo. It's been a good start today for sure (currently 119-87). I was really struggling with whether to play Patterson or Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is obviously the star, but his matchup (49ers) is a lot tougher than the rookie's (Lions). Patterson's 50-yard T.D. run in the first quarter made me feel better... ;)