Thursday, November 29, 2012


Good morning everyone.  Evidently I should focus on photography instead of writing.  Quite often I will choose what I think are inspirational or clever quotes or tweets to serve as my facebook status.  A POPULAR status might earn in the neighborhood of seven 'likes'.  Last night from work, I stood on the rooftop at The Veranda and used my Droid to take a photo of the nearby "Sights & Sounds of Christmas" celebration which is located nearby.  This annual event in San Marcos, America includes over one million Christmas lights, among other things.  Well, this very amateur photo received over 14 'likes' in less than 3 hours.  Thank you Trisha, Jennifer, Allison, Alyssa (Merp), Rene, Connie, Alyssa, Mandy, Kathryn, Erika, Penny, Carly, Denise, and Floyd for pointing me in the right direction...  :)

Well, I have some good news and some bad news about the viewership numbers for this little blog of mine and a prediction that I made about 11,000 views ago.  Sometime later today or very early tomorrow, the total viewcount for 'Bikini Hill' is going to pass the 17,000 mark.  This month will be the blog's biggest month in terms of total views, with that number finishing at right around the 2,000 mark.  This might seem like good news for my prediction that 'Bikini Hill' would reach a total of 20,000 views by the end of this year, but do the math.  The blog that has NEVER reached 2,000 views in a month now has to receive THREE THOUSAND total views in December to reach this mark.  So much for my prediction (???), and where do I go to take up photography?  :)

So I went to Walmart yesterday - yes, Walmart, and I'm getting THREE paragraphs out of this...  The first item that I was searching for was those elusive windpants that our blogging friend Rob has never seen...  My heart leapt for joy when I reached the clothing section and discovered that 'Starter' windpants were selling for $11.96 a pair.  I currently own ZERO PAIRS of windpants after my Las Vegas break-in at the end of August.  The 'Starter' windpants don't have the zipper pockets that I like, but they are much cheaper than the $30.00 Nike windpants that I looked at last week.  After dropping three pairs of these windpants into my shopping cart, I started rolling along when I discovered..., THICK sweatpants, WITH a well-made velcro pocket located on each leg, all for the low, low price of $15.97.  At this point I feel that I should give you a travel tip.  I have flown several times, and you want to be COMFORTABLE on a travel day.  These sweats have comfortable written ALL OVER them...  Back to the rack went the 'Starter' windpants, and into the shopping cart went two pairs of 'And 1' sweats.  Sorry that I won't be able to show you what a pair of windpants is Rob, but maybe I can dunk on someone for you at the poker table.  For those of you unfamiliar with what the cool kids are wearing these days, 'And 1' markets itself as a basketball brand, as in, "he's fouled 'and' he gets '1' free throw - 'And 1'..."            

So I walking down the aisle in search of black olives.  These are one of the myriad of things that I have been putting into the 17,000 salads that I have eaten during the month of November.  When I reached the cans of black olives..., well..., have you ever played..., "Vegetable Jenga"?  This of course is the game where you try to pull out the awkwardly stacked cans while not making the whole pyramid CRASH DOWN onto the Walmart floor...  Sorry my friends, but I WON, and the cans didn't go tumbling to the floor - look for your trainwreck somewhere else...  ;)

Are you looking for a trainwreck by any chance?  So the trilogy of this little Walmart story happens when I'm rolling my cart down the main walkway, past the 'endcaps' of the food aisles.  To help you picture this at home, I'm headed in the direction of the front door, with the food aisles to my right, and those little..., 'merchandise islands' on my left (you know, where they sell the randomly grouped items - cases of Pepsi products, four-packs of Campbell's soups, etc...).  Well, as I'm rolling my cart along, this...  BACKPEDALING GUY (yes, he was literally backpedaling), comes RIGHT OUT IN FRONT OF ME, narrowly missing my shopping cart.  I stop and give him a GOOD rolling of my eyes, but whatever item he is trying to size up as he looks skyward down the food aisle that LAUNCHED HIM still has his attention, as he ignores me, and KEEPS GOING, his back LANDING UP AGAINST one of those merchandise islands...  As the SUDDEN STOP causes him to stumble, he starts mumbling something, probably wondering WHO would put a merchandise island THERE, but I kept my eyes GLUED straight ahead and kept pushing my cart, NOT wanting to be a witness to this trainwreck...  Goodness gracious people!...  :)

I hope that all of you have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow with my football predictions!


  1. I don't believe for one second that you own zero pairs of windpants. Lol.