Sunday, November 4, 2012

Poor Man's Ramble

Good morning everyone...  Okay, first off, if you know me at all, you would know that EVERY RAMBLE that I write is a poor man's ramble (rimshot - ba dump, ching!)...  On the advice of my friend, I went back to bed and actually went back to sleep after my initial three-hour nap earlier this morning, and I just woke back up.  I had said under this new blogging schedule that Sunday is a day for random topics, and a rushed, clipped ramble is definitely random.  I also saw one of my most loyal readers of the blog last night, and I'm talking since its inception, and she was totally on board with the idea of me doing three rambles per week...  :)  Okay, after waking back up, and actually finding that "extra hour of sleep" that is supposed to be afforded to us for setting our clocks back, I realize that it wasn't a dream - I DID go 4-1 on my college football predictions yesterday.  Now the strange "I'm going to hurry up and finish this blog entry" part of this is that 4 of my 5 picks for today involve the early games, which begin in about 5 minutes...  Also included in this bunch is my pick for Lucki Duck's contest, where I took the TEXANS Alyssa...  Anyway, I am going to get myself together and rush down to Harper's since I have the whole day off, and I am going to start it by enjoying some lunchtime football.  I posted all of the picks that I am referring to in Friday's post if you want to keep track.  A 9-1 week would be very sweet (and redeeming).  Heck, a third winning week in a row would be MIRACULOUS considering the start that I got off to this year...  ;)  In other news real quick (and yes, you'll still get a "real ramble" tomorrow, and yes, I still have something for you Mojo...), I haven't touched any of the cokes in my refrigerator in two weeks (other than to throw the previously mentioned two stale already opened cans away).  I am eating more vegetables, and salads are RUNNING when they hear my name.  I am going to Wurstfest for the first time ever tomorrow night, and I will probably be mentioning what that is all about in tomorrow's ramble.  Oops, it's noon folks, and I've got to get out of here...  Enjoy what outside of my window looks like a beautiful Sunday, and I will see you again tomorrow...  ;)


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  1. I don't touch coke either - ever since I started having sinus issues.
    I eat a salad for lunch every day that I work - but lately my non work eating (and drinking) is causing me to not actually lose any weight.
    Probably just need a week off from healthy eating so that my body can get the Chips and Ice Cream and Fast food that it craves and desires and then I'll be back to eating and slimming down and just looking Super F'n Sexay for all the ladies!