Thursday, November 15, 2012

Even The Mayor Of San Marcos, America...

Good morning everyone.  This is another milestone day for my little blog as this is my 200th post.  This is also the day that the viewcount went over the 16,000 mark - well, that is as soon as one person reads this post.  At this very moment the odometer is sitting right on 16,000.  Thank you for stopping by to visit, I appreciate it.

We'll start off this ramble by roasting Daniel Guerrero, who was recently re-elected to serve as the Mayor of San Marcos, America.  I was unable to attend an official roast for our mayor recently, and this really won't be a roast at all, but more of an indictment for the part that he played in the conspiracy to make me feel miserable on Tuesday...  As the loyal readers of this blog know by now, I should have been at the Hard Rock Cafe on Tuesday night watching the Blue October (my favorite band) concert as an official resident of Las Vegas.  As luck would have it, I am once again living in San Marcos, America, and Mr. Guerrero is one of my facebook friends.  WELL..., after winning the election, our mayor's first order of business was to travel west to California and snap as many photos as possible at every Blue October concert that he could find on the left coast...  OUTSTANDING... Even the Mayor of San Marcos, America has it in for me...  Seriously, congratulations on your re-election Mr. Mayor!  In actuality, the mayor and I are very close, as I was invited to attend the Mayor and City Council Oath of Office Ceremony that is taking place here on Monday.  If you need proof regarding the strength of our friendship, I am one of just only 2,857 people that the mayor invited to attend this event...  :)  Keep up the good work sir!

A very strange 'tweet' made an appearance on my twitter account this week...  A Texas A&M supporter posted the following:

     "Serious question:  How many Texas fans who were locked into A&M-Bama couldn't even see their team play ISU on Saturday?  #LHN (The Longhorn Network)"

Now I am a graduate of Texas State University (Southwest Texas State University at the time, don't get me started...), but as a former employee of just over one year at the University of Texas at Austin, I felt compelled to respond to this 'retweet' that I saw.  This was my response:

     "It's funny how A&M fans are still so obsessed with the Longhorns, even after upsetting the top team in the nation...  #envy"

Right?  That wasn't out of line, was it?  If you bleed maroon over in College Station, WHY would you even be thinking about anything concerning the University of Texas after your team had just beaten the previously undefeated, defending national champion, number one-ranked football team in the country?  Very strange...

I am going to confess right now that as far as my current diet is concerned, I did in fact remove two of those Pepsis from my refrigerator for my 'Alex Cross' round-trip to and from New Braunfels on Tuesday night, and that two Pepsis didn't make it back...

On a related note, I should check the Guinness Book of World Records and see what the current mark is for the number of salads consumed by a human being in one month...

I think that is all of the damage that I will be doing for today.  If the City of San Marcos hasn't shut down my blog by tomorrow, I will be back with my weekly football predictions (28-12 against the spread over the past 4 weeks if I haven't gloated about that enough yet this week)...  ;)  Thanks again for stopping by and have a great day!



  1. Congrats on your milestone (200 posts).

    FYI - I am No. 16,039.

    Pardon a suggestion: Since you have blogger moderation invoked, why not do away with making us enter a code each time? Extra work for those who comment for no reason.

    1. I think that I fixed that Mojo - I had never even been to that page before... :) Thanks for the congrats!

  2. I had two pieces of ice cream cake tonight. So much for my efforts and keeping on the staright and narrow path to eating properly.