Saturday, November 10, 2012

They Love The Line

Good afternoon everyone.  For my San Marcos/Texas State-related story today I thought that I would write a little bit about work.  The three-story building where I work with a bar on each level is something that was not available to Texas State students until just over a couple of months ago.  It is an interesting place to work for me as I never had the time or money to spend on 'The Square' when I was in college myself.  When I pursued my degree I always had a "full" class schedule and I worked about 20 hours a week waiting tables.  I also didn't reach the age of 21 until the fall of my senior year here in San Marcos.  This is not to say that if I did have the time and money to go out back then that San Marcos, America was the same place that it is now.  I have mentioned here recently that the enrollment of the university has jumped from 20,000 students to over 35,000 students since that time.  With the layout of our building, it is possible to house in the neighborhood of 500 customers (mostly students normally) at once, so it makes for some very interesting evenings...

One of these bright young minds came to the brilliant deduction that I am "retarded" last night...  First off, I have never liked the word (my freshman students would insult each other with it often when I taught high school, which always ended up with me saying, "don't call people retarded...").  Anyway, her train of thought (derailed) for reaching this conclusion is the part that amuses me.  On the busier nights at work, I am stationed in the hallway between the second and third floors (bars) at work.  Our rooftop bar has a fire marshall set capacity of 200 people, so one of my duties is to keep track of how many customers are up there.  Well, the people in the line that forms when capacity is reached are always interesting...  One interesting thing about the line itself later on in the night is that when potential customers for our rooftop bar come around the corner leading to it, they seem to be genuinely disappointed if there IS NOT a line there to wait in.  The absence of the line in their minds signals that nothing is happening up at the top bar, even though it does hold 200 people, and they NEVER ASK how many people are up there when they pop their heads around this corner.  There might be 190 up there and they could walk in right away, but often they will turn away and head back down to one of the lower bars...  Anyway, this girl last night is in the line, and she is about to walk by me with a glass.  No glass is allowed up on the roof - another one of my duties is to make sure that our customers transfer their drinks into plastic cups before they head upstairs.  So, with the girl already past the cups that I have, from point-blank range, a foot from her face, THREE TIMES, I state, "MOVE BACK..., MOVE BACK..., MOVE BACK...".  She FINALLY seems to grasp the meaning of these words and steps back.  I explain that she has to pour her drink into one of the plastic cups.  She tells me that she wasn't aware of this...  I'm thinking to myself that this is pretty obvious since she walked right past the cups, but I keep this to myself because I'm a wonderful person...  NOW she's standing in the middle of the hallway and people are about to walk by her from upstairs, so we go through the same routine again with the instructions, "MOVE OVER..., MOVE OVER..., MOVE OVER..."  At this point, when she finally moves over, she makes the comment to her group of about six people that I am retarded.  Evidently this is because I am the one who has problems listening and following instructions...  :)  If she had made the comment directly to me I probably wouldn't have let her go upstairs, because that was just pretty rude, but being the wonderful person that I am, and totally amused by her path of deduction to reach her conclusion about my intelligence, I just let it go...  Yeah, I could win a lot of money in Las Vegas next month and not be disappointed in the least (said everyone ever)...  :)

Have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow...

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