Monday, November 19, 2012

Bad Day

"And she swears there's nothing wrong, I hear her playing that same old song, She puts me up and puts me on..., Oh I had a bad day again..."  -Fuel- (Bad Day)

Good morning everyone.  Well, that was painful...  After going 8-2 on my football picks last weekend, I followed that up with..., wait for it..., wait for it..., a 1-9 weekend...  UGGHHH...  My pick in Lucki Duck's elite blogger contest even almost lost to a ONE WIN team...  YIKES!!!

Now that we have that out of the way, I was able to enjoy an early Chinese Thanksgiving Dinner with my dad last night?  No, we're not Chinese, and it wasn't Chinese Thanksgiving - he's leaving town before Thanksgiving, so we went and ate some Chinese food...  Anyway, before I ate Chinese food last night, and finished the leftovers five minutes ago, I weighed in at 225 pounds yesterday, meaning that I have now lost 6 pounds since I have ALMOST totally stopped drinking sodas and have a little less almost totally stopped eating foods with carbohydrates.

Speaking of carbohydrates, let's talk about my friend Nick, who is a good sport and a great guy.  I work with Nick and he has a second job delivering carbohydrates with melted cheese and several tasty toppings.  Nick agreed to let me share this story which happened in the aftermath of me initially going to the wrong house a week ago...  So it's now after 3:00 in the morning, and we're sitting around the fire at my friend's house.  There are four of us left who are keeping the dying fire alive, chatting, and finishing our last beers.  I was one of the people who was keeping the dying fire alive, which matters in a minute.  At this point in the conversation, we learn that the two girls left in our group (both from Pennsylvania coincidentally) both HUNTED GHOSTS growing up as teenagers...  This was just something to do in the towns that they grew up in, and they definitely both believe in ghosts.  Nick, who I was sitting by, DOES NOT like ghosts or hearing about ghosts, at least on this particular night...  Since I'm the nice guy that I am, and I happened to be breaking branches and twigs to feed the fire, I SLOWLY reached around behind my friend and managed to just graze the back of his neck with the end of a small branch...  This is when he JUMPED OUT of his chair and almost into the fire...  "HA HA Coach, that's NOT FUNNY!!!"  The rest of us were freakin DYING laughing...  And for some reason people say that I'm a nice guy...

The story above would probably remind my younger brother of a time growing up when he was in elementary school and we were sitting side by side on the couch watching the movie "Carrie"...  I had seen the movie before, and this is the final scene in the cemetery, where serene music is playing in the background, and someone is visiting a grave.  At this point, a hand COMES UP THROUGH THE SOIL and the music goes all HELTER SKELTER...  And yes, when this dead zombie arm came up through the ground, I grabbed my brother's thigh and he SCREAMED!!!  In retrospect, I probably DESERVED to go 1-9 on my football predictions this weekend...

On the account for my blog, I have the ability to see what some of the older posts are that my readers are clicking on.  Well, a few times during the past week, people have clicked on my fantasy baseball draft strategy and 2012 major league baseball predictions posts...  BA HA HA if you remember how poorly I fared in these two areas this past season...  :)

It seems that if I want to share humorous stories from work, I will probably never run out of material for this blog.  This past week when I was manning the post that leads up to our rooftop bar, I stopped a small group and had them pour their drinks into plastic cups (we do not allow glass to go up to The Veranda).  Well, we keep these glasses in a tub, and one of the girls just TOSSES HER GLASS into the tub that is FULL OF GLASSES, resulting in a CRASH that caught my attention (I did not envision her THROWING THE GLASS and therefore did not see it while it was happening)...  I was so STUNNED that as she apologized to me, I was looking at her SPEECHLESS, and like she was from another planet...  After her group walked away, I found that she had managed to break two of the glasses that were sitting in the tub - UGGHHH...

Something else that I witnessed a couple of times this weekend was guys walking past me to our rooftop bar at 1:00 a.m. with sunglasses hanging from the shirt collars - way to be prepared?????

I think that I referenced this topic a long time ago in the blog, but I keep seeing the 'North Face' clothing in our bar and around town as the weather gets cooler.  The thought that keeps coming to me is, "what, the North Face of the step on the sidewalk that you had to climb when you entered the store at the outlet mall to buy that jacket???"  Sometimes I can be SOOOOO CYNICAL...

To recap the..., NEWEST blog schedule here, I will be posting five days a week, Monday-Friday.  Monday and Thursday will be rambles, Wednesday will be Las Vegas/poker-related, Friday will be football predictions, and Tuesday will be potluck...

I hope that all of you have a great start to the week and I will see you again tomorrow!



  1. Sounds like you have potential to be the new Waffles. Will we soon start saying "Fade ~Coach?"

    1. Hey, I went 8-2 last week - lightning can strike... ;)

  2. I knew you made a bad pick with the Steelers/Ravens game -
    I hope Batch becomes the starter
    I never realized that Leftwich had such a horrible wind up - and why was he still in the game at the end?
    He looked horrible, he couldn't hit a target, he had no strength and he made horrible faces every time he moved.... something was wrong.

  3. I saw the end of the game and I know that we weren't blocking A SOUL and that he was getting CRUSHED every two seconds...

  4. So many hilarious and awesome games this weekend... sucks you had to run bad :/

    1. It's inevitable that I'll run bad at some point... ;)

  5. Posting FIVE days a week??? You're a better person than I am!

    1. I'm a superhero, which I chronicle in today's post... ;)