Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Will Unfriend You...

Good morning everyone.  This is the first morning of November everybody - can you believe it?  It's sad that the best month of the year is now in our rearview mirror, but somehow we'll have to cope...  If you could only understand how much of a baseball fan I was growing up, and to have my birthday in the same month as the World Series (which I don't believe I've even mentioned in the blog)...  Now my favorite band has the word 'October' in its name, and this year the final table of the World Series of Poker was even played in this great month.  The month bids us farewell with Halloween...  October is tough to beat my friends...  When I was walking home from the library on Tuesday evening, and was very close to home, I saw this written on a wall:  "If you're still free, start running away..."  I wasn't even sure what type of context it was being used in, but it sounded like a great idea for some reason...  :)  Reading this happened moments after I passed a pair of people walking down the hill, and the girl was wearing a pink tanktop that said (as I cringe)... "San Marvelous" - now these people have SHIRTS, and all that I am fighting back with is this blog.  Remember friends, it's San Marcos, America...  ;)  Okay, this is the point where the ramble turns from its sometimes cutesy self to a more serious topic.  I am a person who generally has a lot of patience.  I am not one of those dramatic people, always ranting and raving about something or arguing with people.  I am the type of person who doesn't lose my temper often, but when I do, I make it count...  I say this to lead into the fact that I see of lot of silly things on facebook.  Facebook is a way to communicate, and there are a lot of silly people, so seeing silly things follows.  Yesterday however, while reading through the facebook Halloween posts, I read something that resulted in me "unfriending" a person in less than a minute.  This was the status, which was preceded by the culprit adding, "this is the best post that I've read today":  "Well, it looks like New York is dressing up as New Orleans this year..."  Oh, you're HYSTERICAL...  How many people has the storm on the East Coast killed?  How many people died in New Orleans during Katrina?  How many people are currently displaced, or without food, power, heat, a way to communicate with their families?  HILARIOUS...  What amazed me to about the same degree is that TEN people had liked this status up to the post when I had read it....  AWESOME...  It's really hard to understand people sometimes, ya know?...  Thank you for letting me get that out in the open.  It is going to be interesting when I see this person and they ask me why I unfriended them, that is for certain...  I hope that you have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow with my football predictions for this weekend.


  1. I've unfriended probably 25-30 people since the presidential race got into full swing. I have friends on Facebook because I'm interested in their lives. What have you been up to? How are your kids doing? What a cool looking vacation, etc. I don't want to get preached to about politics, religion, or relationships.

    If people are posting benign little positive things about the candidate they support, then fine I can just pass it by. If they are posting negative BS about either candidate...buh-bye. That little photo floating around with the Romney and Obama baseball caps and where they are manufactured cost me about 8 Facebook friends this week.

    Oh...and P.S. you forgot about your Return key again today.

  2. I have unfriended people on facebook because I no longer wanted to read their hate-filled political diatribes. One person I really like but couldn't handle his comments. If I were more facebook savvy at the time I would have fixed it so that I just would not automatically receive his postings. I tried to talk about the same issue with another, but I then received the nastiest letter/email that I have ever received in my life. I hope I never take politics so seriously.

    However ... I have to wonder about unfriending someone because of an insensitive joke or post. Does not sound like there was much of a friendship there if you unfriended someone for that.

  3. Sorry Jeff - it's just my gimmick, plus my rambles would be about 14 paragraphs normally if I sentenced/paragraphed each new topic...

    It's a mistake in judgment on my part Lightning - I don't have room for friends who find that funny in some way. I thought that Chris Rock was funny until I heard him make some classless joke about cancer, and haven't given him any attention since...

  4. It's sad that the best month of the year is now in our rearview mirror,

    October in Memphis is amazing, and it makes up for all the HOT and MUGGY months during the summer.

    I didn't know you could unfriend people on basefook. There are some I just might do that to.

    Ditton the the return key comment. I understand your reason, but it's hard to read.

  5. So, since you totally keep deleting all my good comments :)

    I'm surprised that you haven't unfriended me with all of the unfriendly things that I spew about on Facebook - but that's just kinda my gimmick!

    I'll never delete people because in all honestly I want as many friends as possible so that I can help to expand the viewership of my blog. While I never expect to be famous it really tickles my fancy when I'm talking to a friend or even a random on Facebook who mentions something I have written or tells me that they liked the last one I posted...
    It's an ego thing.

    I do, however, make some people disappear from my feeds because they are a bunch of retarded boneheads who make me more stupiderer by reading some of the things that they type and pass off as thoughts and spelling and grammar.... wtf is wrong with the world.


  6. For those of you who might be lost, I have accidentally deleted two comments from my phone while trying to publish them, and grrouchie was the victim both times...