Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just Come In, We're Out Back...

Good morning everyone.  I survived the 13th of November.  I was supposed to be living in Las Vegas and attending the Blue October concert last night, if not for my well-documented break-in...  Trying to keep my mind off of the fact that I wasn't living in the place where I had planned for the last two years on being, I searched for a serial killer last night.  The serial killer was nowhere to be found in San Marcos, America, so I ventured south and found him in New Braunfels (yes, the same place where the infamous 'Wurstfest' was held).  In a 110-seat theater at a 7:10 p.m show, I was the ONLY ONE watching 'Alex Cross'.  I would recommend the movie to those of you who like the series ('Kiss The Girls'/'Along Came A Spider').  Morgan Freeman is not in the movie because the character is a younger Alex Cross, but Matthew Fox did an excellent job of playing the villain.  Fox is one of those villains that you watch on the screen and actually get motivated by, not because he's killing people, but because he's getting things done...  :)

So yeah, there's something that I evidently failed to mention in yesterday's blog entry about the time that I spent hanging out with my friends on Sunday night...  I watched the Texans/Bears game at Harper's, came home and published my Monday blog entry at about midnight, and then I went to my friend's place.  To get to the house, you basically drive up a 'T', and then you take the left or right turn.  I took the right turn and pulled into the driveway at the end of the cul de sac.  The driveway already had five vehicles in it, but mine fit, so I parked and called my friend to see if the festivities were still going on, because it was after midnight after all.  My friend Carlos answers his phone and tells me to just walk in the front door, and that everyone is out in the backyard.  I walk in the front door and there is no one in the living room, so I continue through the back door, and there is NO ONE in the backyard...  (NOTE:  This struck me as very strange)...  What I have failed to mention is that when I looked on the dining-room table as I strolled through the empty house, I spotted a pizza box that wasn't a Domino's pizza box...  This seemed odd to me at the time because my friend Nick (who also lives in the house) works for Domino's.  I mentioned at the top of the year that my New Year's Resolution was to "trust my reads"...  I should have trusted my read in this instance, because I was in the WRONG... FREAKIN... HOUSE...  As I made my way back to the front door, I heard some voices upstairs - what are the odds of that, since there are only FIVE FREAKIN VEHICLES parked in the driveway?...  I quietly opened and closed the front door, stealthily powerwalked to my car, and hoped that my windows didn't get BLOWN OUT by a FREAKIN SHOTGUN as I drove away.  Needless to say, I had an interesting story for everyone when I arrived at my friend's place.  Merp...

Have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow!

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