Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkeys And Pucks

Good morning everyone.  This would be your Friday ramble since my football predictions hijacked the post yesterday.  I had a pretty good day of football yesterday as I managed to double my win total for all of last weekend.  Thanksgiving football started off great as the Texans and Lions easily covered the 'Over 50' (65 total points). The ruling on the play where the officials messed up by not blowing their whistles, which resulted in the Texans ball carrier getting SEVENTY free yards and a touchdown, which WAS NOT REVIEWABLE after the Lions head coach wrongfully threw his challenge flag on a scoring play (which was to be reviewed anyway) was a total crock however...  You also had to love the part where an extra fifteen penalty yards were tacked onto the kickoff - awesome...  After the ruling I immediately went to facebook and posted, "NFL Rules Committee - SERIOUSLY???"  This would be the appropriate time to apologize to grrouchie and Mateo (another friend of mine) who asked what had happened in response to my facebook post - there is no way that I was going to type all of that out...  :)  In the final Thanksgiving game, I took the Patriots (-6 1/2) over the Jets - final score:  Patriots 49  Jets 19...  The even better news is that I also took the Patriots in Lucki Duck's elite blogger contest this weekend, a contest in which I have not picked a losing team to this point...  :)  And then there was the middle game yesterday, Dallas vs. Washington...  Dear Dallas Cowboys, thank you for not showing up for the first half of your Thanksgiving Day game (Redskins 28 Cowboys 3 - halftime)...  Sincerely, Coach...  So I went 2-1 yesterday (taking Dallas (-3), but that's already better than last weekend's 1-9)...  My remaining picks for the weekend are in yesterday's post if you are interested in checking them out...

So, yesterday turned out SO MUCH BETTER than last Thanksgiving did...  I drove down to San Antonio (okay, to Schertz if you want to be technical) and ate at my sister's house (stepsister if you want to be technical) with my twin niece and nephew, stepmom, and my brother's family, which included him and his wife, and another niece and nephew (there will be a quiz on this at the end of the post)...  There was also one non-family member present for the meal if you want to answer the extra credit question...  My meal consisted of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, dressing (all of the above covered with gravy), green bean casserole, macaroni and cheese shells, deviled eggs, rolls, and banana split cake.  All of this was on one plate (except for the dessert), and it had my youngest niece inquiring, "are you going to eat all of that Uncle Chris?  that's a lot of food..."  I am proud to say that I did indeed finish all of the very tasty meal...  :)  I hope that all of you had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving also.  I would also like to thank my friends Nicole & Scott, Lindsey, and Debbie for inviting me to stop by their places for Thanksgiving.  I ended up working at 10:00 last night, but it wasn't bad at all, and I had a very enjoyable day.

So tonight I am returning to San Antonio (all the way to San Antonio this time) to watch a hockey game with my brother's family.  The San Antonio Rampage (who I have never seen before) are the city's minor league hockey team.  The home ice for the Rampage is the AT&T Center, which is also the home of the San Antonio Spurs.  I thought that the NHL Lockout had ended yesterday when my brother informed me that my ticket was going to cost over $30.00 - YIKES!!!  Of course this ticket was purchased online yesterday and had an assortment of fees and taxes associated with it, but it is in the row right behind my brother's family, who purchased their tickets at a time when we didn't know what my work schedule was going to be for this week.  I cannot complain though because both my brother and his wife have served our country in the military, and as a result have lived in several different places, so it's not often that we have been able to get together and do things...

I think that I am going to stop here for today so that I can get some more sleep and be rested up for the night with my brother's family (I got home from work at about 4:00 a.m. and then did my laundry, ate, etc...)...  I hope that all of you have a safe Thanksgiving Weekend and I will see you again on Monday!



  1. I as well took the Patriots, so you are not making up any ground on me there coach :)

    However, I need MoJo to have picked someone else so I can make up ground on him.
    Like the Cowboys or something - yeah - that's the ticket

  2. after the Lions head coach wrongfully threw his challenge flag on a scoring play

    The coach does this for a living, so shouldn't he know what the rules are on a challenge? Or is he just a dumb a--?

    I've forgotten who I took in LD's contest, but it wasn't NE, perhaps Denver.

    1. C'mon Mojo - the play is going to be reviewed anyway... I can see giving him the 15 yards for something like a delay of game, but not reviewing a 70 yard mistake AND giving him a 15 yard penalty???

  3. It is obvious from Lucki Duck's contect that I have no business putting real money down on sporting events.