Monday, November 5, 2012

If You Don't Run

Good morning everyone, and off we go...  In the near future, some of my college friends are helping to sponsor an event aimed at raising money for young people, the event being a 5K run.  One of these bright young ladies came up with a slogan which obviously won't be used for the event, but I LOVED IT:  "If you don't run, you hate children..."  :)

I went 6-4 on my football picks this week, bringing my record to .500 for the year (46-46-2), and I am now 19-11 against the spread over the last 3 weeks (I know that you couldn't bear to wait until Friday for that information)...  I am ashamed to say that I gave up on the Steelers game at halftime yesterday because the officiating was so blatently awful in the first half.  The game fell right into the wheelhouse of my current sleep schedule, sleeping days to work nights, and I was getting tired, but after watching the officials give the Giants two touchdowns as the result of a phantom pass interference call and a "fumble" where Big Ben's arm was obviously going forward (LAUNCHING THE BALL compared with similar instances where I have seen the same play ruled as an incomplete pass), I had had enough...  Since I left early, the final score was:  Steelers 24  Giants 20.  The Steelers have now beaten the Giants, Jets, and the Eagles (among others), while losing to the Raiders and the Titans (and Broncos)...  We are a mystery wrapped in a riddle...

So tonight I will be getting on a bus with a bunch of my friends and heading about 15-20 minutes south to New Braunfels to experience my first Wurstfest.  I have heard that a lot of food and alcohol are consumed at this event, but my group is strictly a "milk and cookies" type crowd, so it will probably be a pretty boring trip...  ;)

If I am sober enough to function tomorrow, at some point in the day after I write my blog (well, after 2 p.m. to be exact), I will be pricing flights and hotel rooms to Las Vegas for the month of December.  Tuesday afternoons are the time when the maximum number of seats are supposed to be made available for flights on airlines.  Hopefully I can find a price that I can justify paying so that I can see my Vegas friends, bet some college bowl games, and play some poker...

Recently I have heard two great lines that I intend to add to my repertoire (yes, I had to look up the spelling of the word 'repertoire', and this will bring the total number of great lines in my repertoire to two...).  Somebody at Harper's (a customer or a coworker, and I can't remember which) used this one - it's appropriate after you say just the right thing to that person you're trying to zing:  "Would you like some ice for that???  BURN!!!..."  (HEY, I like it...)  The other is from our friend Grrouchie, and for those of you who didn't see this in his blog, this is for the times when you come up short of that goal you're trying to reach:  "It was a big fat fail with a side of not even close..."

What would my ramble be if I wasn't ripping off other people???  :)  Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow (maybe)...  ;)


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    1. C'mon Mojo - where's your comment on the format?...
      And thanks... :)

  2. I've got some comments - of course I do.
    Never give up on a Steelers game unless Bubby Brister is QB'ing because that guy could lose the unlosable... He is my personal anti-christ.

    Looking forward to you back in Vegas even if just for a few days.

    On paragraphs or the lack thereof - The ONLY reason that I say paragraphs is because it makes it easier on the eye. When faced with a post like today's and you see spacing up there to start and end new portions of the conversation it's easier to take on.
    When you see one huge wall of text people get a bit turned off and look the other way.

    While I will continue to read because that's what I'm here for, you could potentially be turning off future loyal fans who want to read what you have to say but are afraid to dive in because you are adverse to using the enter button more often.

    Just some food (porn) for thought

    1. That daunting paragraph... :) But thanks for the feedback.

      We're so fortunate right now - how many franchises have had a Bradshaw and a Roethlisberger?... ;)

    2. Honestly - I never pay attention to how fortunate we are but you are right.
      Not only with Named QB's but just the fact that we have good owners who hire Good Coaches and who actually let the coaches run the team the way they want.
      The Fact that we don't fire our coaches for under performing during a season or 3 and we allow everything to happen naturally. Bill Cower would NOT have lasted as long as he did with any other franchise because he kept losing the AFC Championship game (or the Super Bowl - F U Neil O'Donnell) - well, maybe Philly but that's a different story.

      And here we sit with only the 3rd Head Coach I have known for my team and he will be around for probably 10-15 years before the next takes over. I love my team, my city and my fans! Steelers are the BEST Franchise in the NFL and I don't care what anyone else says.