Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tonight Will Be Difficult...

"I go to the trouble like a light..., or like... a dare, trouble is just a friend to me, I know, it'll always be there, be there..." -Shawn Colvin- (Trouble)

Good morning everyone.  Get ready, this is going to be an introspective, depressing, self-pitiful post...  Today is November 13th, exactly a month after my birthday, and tonight I was supposed to be going to the Blue October concert hosted by 'The Joint' at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I would have been living in the desert for just over 100 days now after my move west at the end of July, I would have a job (or be homeless), and I would be coming off of a four-week stretch of football betting where my record has been a solid 28-12 (70%) against the spread.  This past weekend I posted an 8-2 record which was capped off last night by the Steelers and the Chiefs combining for 29 points (under 42 1/2).  Instead, in the very early hours of Saturday morning, September 1st (Labor Day Weekend), I listened to the song at the opening of this post on 'repeat' for the last three hours of the lonely drive from Las Vegas back to San Marcos, America following my break-in (and yes, I often listen to songs that I like on 'repeat' for those of you who read my last post).  I was up for 34 straight hours from the time that I woke up in Las Vegas on Thursday at 4:30 p.m. on August 30th, went and made football bets, played poker, returned home at just after 1:00 a.m. to find that my place had been broken into, packed, and then arrived back in San Marcos after making the 20-hour drive home.  Everyone should try this at least once in their lifetime (not so much)...  Instead of watching my favorite band belt out the tunes at the Hard Rock tonight, I have to find something to do, something that will keep my mind occupied, or I will go "bat-crap crazy..." (-The Big Bang Theory-).  During my slow night at work preceding this post, where I wrote virtually all of this in my head (to some extent), I decided that I am probably going to go catch the new movie 'Alex Cross' (if it has been released yet).  I read an interesting article about Matthew Fox, who is playing the serial killer in this movie, when I made a recent trip to the library on campus.  I became a fan of his from the show 'Party of Five', and although most of you are probably familiar with Fox from the hit show 'Lost', I have never even watched ten minutes of 'Lost', TOTAL...  I owned both 'Kiss The Girls' and 'Along Came A Spider' in the Alex Cross series before passing them along to my sister when I moved to Las Vegas (I gave away a lot of stuff evidently), and I think that Fox will serve as a very intriguing serial killer.  If this plan falls through, I have to find SOMETHING to do tonight...

I had actually planned to include some other things as part of this post and call it a ramble, but judging by the length of this entry, those tidbits can wait until Thursday.  I will mention quickly that YES Alyssa, the Texans did win by more than the Steelers (thank GOODNESS that the Steelers even won), and I should have picked them instead in Lucki Duck's contest...  In addition to Alyssa, last night I got to hang out with some other friends from and associated with work.  Thank you to Carlos and Nick for hosting, and thank you for the "ghost hunting" conversation Anastasia (evidently this is something that teenagers commonly do quite often up in Pennsylvania)...  And Nick, I remember the first time that I jumped out of a chair...  ;)

Have a nice day everyone, and send your good karma to me, please...



  1. Coach, you could be like me.
    I flipped a coin to place my bet for Lucki Ducks contest and my coin came up 49ers.....
    The other side of my coin on this occasion?

    Lucki Duck always says "win the flips"
    Well, I didn't f'n win the flip lol

  2. And there you go - I had the Ravens (-7 1/2) as 1 of my 10 picks, and the 49ers game was nowhere on my radar (no coin necessary)... ;)

  3. The Steelers came out flat or something. I had them in his pool, too, and was lucky to just get a win.

    1. The Chiefs played us tough last year, which is why I picked the under... For Lucki's contest, you almost had to take the Steelers on paper (K.C. 1-7) given this weekend's choices...