Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Remember The First Time (7)

"I'm opening up a bar called 'The Gym' so we don't have to lie anymore..."
-@Brianhopecomedy- (via twitter)

"It's a good day to be a #TXST Bobcat.  Well...  Everyday is a good day when you wake up and realize you don't go to #UTSA..." -@cheetoh_solis- (via twitter)

"I'm not an alcoholic, I just went to #TxState..." -@AsToldbyLauren- (via twitter)

"I could graduate early if I wanted to, but why would I ever leave this place earlier than I have to?... #txst"

"My school >>> your school.  It's always a great day to be a Bobcat..."
-@500DaysOfRaquel- (via twitter)

I remember the first time that I paid homage to a bunch of fellow Bobcats by using their tweets to lead off my blog...  ;)  Have a great Spring Break Bobcats!

I remember the first time that I was wrong...  Yeah, it's only happened once...  ;)  Okay..., so very recently I mocked someone here for asking me if the cup coming out of a plastic bag was clean.  As a matter of fact, it was last weekend that I included that story here in the blog.  It was also last weekend that the following occurred...  So Alyssa (YES, that same punk) approaches me as the last person in a group.  I'm speaking to one of her friends when I hear the question, "are these cups clean?"  SOOOOO CLEVER...  And I swear, not even ten minutes later, a group of four guys ends up at my checkpoint.  I give the first guy a cup because he has a bottle.  The second guy has a can.  I look at the third and fourth guys in the group, and when I look back, the second guy is pouring the beer from his can into a cup (we don't allow glass to be brought up to The Veranda, but cans are okay).  I explain to the guy that he didn't have to do that since he had a can, and then I look away.  When I look back, the guy has either drank the beer from the cup, or somehow poured it back into the can, but all that I see is him RESTACKING the used cup onto the CLEAN, UNUSED cups.  Of course they're stacked upside down, so the beer is dripping down the pile of cups now...  UGGGHHH...  So, to the person that I was picking on last week who asked me if the cups were clean..., not such a stupid question...  :)

I remember the first time that I heard of facebook...  Now I get to bring fame to the former student who introduced me to the world of social media...  :)  This actually happened on Bikini Hill (what are the odds?) over four years ago.  I ran into Josie, and in our conversation, she brought up the term 'facebook'.  I had never heard of the site.  At this time, the majority of facebook users were still college students.  The sad thing is, I didn't join the site for almost another year, after my brother suggested it right before I took a vacation to New England.  I saw Josie at work last weekend, and both her and my brother are very proud of the fact that I now have 6 facebook friends after 4 years (and I actually know 3 of them in real life)...  ;)

I remember the first time that I broke up a fight...  So at work last weekend, there was a fight downstairs at Harper's.  Where I'm located on the busier nights of the week, I hear about the stuff that happened downstairs at the end of the night...  It seems that when this melee broke out, one of our doorguys stepped in and pulled a guy out of the fight.  It turns out that the guy that he was restraining was..., ANOTHER ONE OF OUR DOORGUYS...  :)  The reason that I'm telling you this is that in my very first year of teaching, I once stepped into a fight that had broken out, and I... (you guessed it), started pulling ANOTHER COACH out of the fight, who was already trying to break it up...  You're not alone...  ;)

I remember the first time that I referenced a topic that I had already covered...  So back to the beer-pouring, and back to earlier blog posts where I've talked about people not knowing that we have a bar on the roof.  Last week a guy gets ALL THE WAY to my isolated point, starts pouring his beer into a cup, and THEN asks the question, "what's up here???"  God bless San Marcos, America...  :)

I remember the first time that I felt stupid...  Yeah, it's only happened once...  ;)  The majority of the time that the t.v. is on in my bedroom, I am on the computer.  This is relevant because of that STUPID Progressive Insurance commercial...  GRRRRRR...  There is a Progressive ad currently airing that that has a phone vibrating toward the end of the commercial.  Now since I'm on the computer, I'm really not paying attention to the advertising, but that STUPID PHONE sounds EXACTLY like my Droid when it vibrates, so EVERY TIME that I hear that sound, I end up looking at my phone, and now it's to the point that I do so EVEN WHEN I KNOW that it's that commercial...

I remember the first time that I tried to lose weight.  I'm down to 227 pounds right now, and I'll probably be at 235 by the end of the month...  ANYWAY..., I made a trip to Walmart a few days ago, and parked on the very popular left side of the store.  When I arrived at the front door, I found that the doors were "police taped" off (which I found out later was due to an electrical fire in their arcade (using the term 'arcade' loosely)...  Well, since I am trying to lose weight, OF COURSE I returned to my vehicle and DROVE to the other side of the store and parked, because there's NO WAY I was walking that far...  ;)

I remember the first time that someone unintentionally gave one of our bars a clever nickname...  A couple of customers were walking by me last weekend and they couldn't remember the name of our shot bar.  I told them that it was 'Slackers' when they asked.  "See?!...," said one of the guys...  Slackers, not Shotzies...  :)

I remember the first time that I told one last work story before I walked to Bikini Hill to study my fantasy baseball magazine because it's simply just TOO NICE outside...  :)  So I've talked about the people THROWING their now empty glasses into the tub and breaking glasses that are already in there.  Well, last weekend this happened once again, and when the girls came back down the stairs, they apologized and explained that they understood, because they're waitresses...  HUH?...  BUT??... THEN WHY DID YOU???...  MERP.....  :(

Have a great day everyone, and I will PROBABLY see you again sometime before Tuesday.  Really, really likely...  ;)



  1. I remember the first time I read ~Coach's blog. "wtf -- does almost every blogger left on the face of the earth live in Boston or root for the Red Sox?"

    1. It doesn't seem to be doing us much good... :) I'm from N.H. originally, and I am a lifelong Bosox fan. I also use this tired photo of me for my profile here, my twitter account, and my facebook page... ;)