Tuesday, March 26, 2013

'Could You? (10)'

"My mom thinks my friends are bad influences, but honestly, I'm usually the one coming up with the ideas..."
-@Nika28531- (via twitter)

"I'm attracted by looks, but personality makes me stay..." -@BestLoveNotes- (via twitter)

"You'd think after a day of traveling I'd have some funny stories to tell...  All I've got is DON'T LEAVE YOUR HOMES IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!!" -@rachellinfox- (via twitter)

"I always try and go back to sleep to finish a dream..." -@shannonjadee- (via twitter)

"If you can't find Bigfoot after 25 years of looking, then you sir suck at 'Finding Bigfoot'..."
-@fatbeano- (via twitter)

Could you not be so excited about your job?  Have you ever had the waiter or waitress who is just WAY TOO AMPED UP about serving you?  I'll admit that I try to have a positive disposition (you wouldn't necessarily know that by reading my blog... :P) and that I did wait tables when I was an undergraduate, but my Dad and I had "that guy" wait on us at dinner last night.  Not long after he greeted us EXCITEDLY, the nearby "eight-top" was seated, and he welcomed them with, "IS EVERYBODY HERE?!"  After they nodded and answered yes, he IMMEDIATELY followed that up with, "ARE WE MISSING ANYBODY?!"  Now look..., EINSTEIN..., if they're all here, they probably aren't missing anybody...  Reminds me of the people at work who come at me with "really?" or "seriously?" after I tell them that no glass is allowed upstairs.  NOOOO, I just said that to BOTHER YOU...  :)

Could you steal my thunder?  I was about to come on here this week and tell you that I was predicting that Gonzaga would not win the national championship.  I was about to call Gonzaga the "Boise State of college basketball" (although I have more respect for the Gonzaga basketball team than the Boise State football team - they play more people)...  Then Gonzaga goes and loses to Wichita State on Saturday - uggghhh...

Could you be more perplexed?  This happened at work a few weeks ago, but got lost in my scattered blog notes...  At the checkpoint I man on the way to the Veranda (the bar on the roof), I usually (always) place drinks under the stool that I sit on so that I won't die of thirst when I can't get away.  Depending on how healthy I'm trying to be that week, the combination and sizes of the water, Coke, and Red Fuel will vary...  As I was preparing to take my position in this spot for a weekend shift, I placed my drinks on the floor before moving the stool there to cover them (the stool and me sitting on the stool protects the drinks).  Well, an older lady who was not aware of anything that I just typed saw me placing three drinks on the floor in the corner of the hallway and looked at me like I was..., COMPLETELY INSANE...  :)

Could you be just a little prepared?  I don't smoke, but I find it more than a little amusing that so many smokers never seem to have cigarettes..., or a lighter...  :)

Could you tell me how it's going to play out when you..., COMPLETELY LOSE YOUR MIND?  Again, from work not too long ago, from one customer to another:

"Where are we going?  It's like..., a tunnel..."

Below is the eyewitness account from my last day working at Harper's, Slackers, and The Veranda...

"He just lost it man, he just went CRAZY!!  He was flipping those poker chips, like,  A HUNDRED MILES AN HOUR, and he just started SCREAMING, 'IT'S NOT A MAZE, IT'S NOT A MAZE!!!  It's a HALL WAY...  You go UP or DOWN!!!  There's NOT A MOUSE, and you're not going to find any CHEESE!!! And it's NOT A TUNNEL!!!  Do you SEE ANY dirt or shovels???!!!  C'mon people, it's a HALLWAY!!!'  Then they just wrapped the guy up in a straight-jacket and carted him off.  It was SO SCARY..."
(Then the eyewitness looks around)  "You know, this REALLY IS like a maze..."  :)

Could you tell from that little rant that I hear the maze comment EVERY SINGLE TIME that I work the stairs, and that it NEVER FAILS to amuse me?  ;)

Could you give a warm welcome to everyone who is playing fantasy baseball with me?  I had my last draft on Saturday, and as I said yesterday, you will be seeing the results of all three of my drafts this Friday.  Something funny happened this weekend, regarding my draft and the blog...  I went to the chatroom for the draft, said hello to everyone, and posted the address for my blog.  Well..., this time, no one ended up chatting, but when I returned home from work on Saturday night and looked at my blog stats, my 'Draft Strategy' article had been viewed at least four times...  :)  For those of you who don't write a blog, the blogspot stats don't match your total views, so when the stats show you how many times a post has been viewed, that's the MINIMUM number of times...  ANYWAY, I found that to be pretty funny, but I'm not worried about it.  EVERYONE ELSE'S strategy is to try to win all 10 stat categories in fantasy baseball, while I admit that I'm only trying to win 8...  :P

Could you do some basketball studying today?  I will be back tomorrow with my picks for the 'Sweet Sixteen...'  It was at this point last year that I started picking winners and scores for the games here on the blog, and I proceeded to go 13-2.  That appears to be quite the lofty standard for this tournament (34-18 to this point), but we'll see if I can compete against last year's standard...

Have a great day and I will see you again tomorrow!


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