Friday, March 22, 2013

NCAA Tourney 2013 - 3rd Round (Saturday)

Good evening everyone.  It's been hectic here on Bikini Hill as I'm now posting twice in one day for the second time in three days, but as you know, I'm a team player...  ;)  Some friends of mine who just returned to San Marcos from Las Vegas yesterday were telling me how long the betting lines were at the sportsbook at 8:00 a.m. as they were heading to the airport.  Yep...  :)  If you don't know, the first four days of the NCAA Tourney (Thursday through Sunday) generate as much betting action as the Super Bowl...  I hope that your brackets are faring better than my predictions so far.  My record for the tournament currently stands at 17-9 (which isn't completely awful), but I expect a little more from myself...  Some of my scores have been very close if you want to sift through my past few prediction posts, but right now, it's time for tomorrow's predictions (not many easy games here either)...  I have my final fantasy baseball draft tomorrow morning, and depending on how I feel after work tonight, you will be getting my predictions for Sunday's 3rd Round games before or after that draft...  Here's the lineup for tomorrow:

Saturday, March 23rd

VCU                        76
Michigan               72

Michigan St.         62
Memphis               59

Louisville              80
Colorado St.         73

Arizona                  78
Harvard                 64

Marquette             68
Butler                     63

Oregon                   70
St. Louis                 66

Gonzaga                 79
Wichita St.            72

California               69
Syracuse                66

If you haven't been doing so, you might want to look at the Vegas betting lines in regard to some of these games, because some of these "upsets" haven't been as big as the media would make them out to be if you're judging purely by how the teams are seeded for the tournament.  I picked California by 3 over UNLV (which happened), I only had Oregon losing by 5 to Oklahoma St. (Oregon, the #12 seed, won), and St. Mary's was actually the Vegas favorite by 1.5 points over Memphis.  Now, the New Mexico game against Harvard WAS AN UPSET...  ;)  I picked Kansas State to win today, by I only had them beating La Salle by 5...  There's a lot to be said for looking at the scores and results for these teams throughout the season...  I wish you the best of luck with your brackets (if they're not in the trash can already), and I'll see you again..., SOMETIME TOMORROW with my picks for Sunday.  Have an outstanding basketball evening!

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