Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NCAA Tourney 2013 - 2nd Round (Thursday Games)

Good evening everyone.  I am actually ahead of the schedule that I set for myself here yesterday, but I am not going to post my complete entry of second-round predictions right now due to the fact that all of Friday's participants haven't been determined yet.  Right now I am going to give you my picks for tomorrow's tourney   games, and tomorrow I will post my picks for Friday's tournament action.  I went 2-0 on my picks for last night's games, and right now I am ahead on my James Madison prediction (don't ask me how)...  ;)  Here are my predictions for the sixteen games that are being played tomorrow:

Thursday, March 21st

Michigan State     68                                       Louisville                     81
Valparaiso             56                                        NC A&T                       55

Butler                      65                                        Michigan                      83
Bucknell                 60                                       South Dakota St.       70    

Pittsburgh             75                                        Arizona                          82
Wichita State        71                                       Belmont                         76

St. Louis                 72                                        California                      74
New Mexico St.    59                                        UNLV                            71

Memphis                81                                         Missouri                       77
St. Mary's              75                                         Colorado St.                74

Marquette              67                                         VCU                               78
Davidson               62                                          Akron                            65

Gonzaga                 85                                          New Mexico                72
Southern                62                                          Harvard                       60

Oklahoma St.       80                                          Syracuse                      67
Oregon                   75                                          Montana                       63

I wish you the best of luck with your brackets (as long as they don't contradict my winners...), and I'll see you again tomorrow with the rest of my second-round predictions...  Have a great night!

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