Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Could You? (9)

"8 out of 6 people think I'm terrible at math..." -@EliseRose5- (via twitter)

"I was such a goth in school I arrived carried by two ravens..." -@Breadery- (via twitter)

"To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves..."
-Federico Garcia Lorca- (via @oberist - twitter)

"You know I've tried, to be a friend..., but you feel undermined and hurt again..."
-Suzy Bogguss- (Aces)

Could you please not remind me of what it's like to feel completely helpless Suzy Bogguss?

Could you hold the presses?  I just visited my facebook page, and evidently the following happened at work tonight (I was off)...  A guy is about to walk in when a cat pops out of his bag...  My friend Melanie (yes, Packers Melanie) runs away while saying, "ewww..., cats!"  My coworker Nick (yes, "I Remember The First Time" Nick) says, "I can't let you in, it's against code..."  Meanwhile, my friend Alyssa (yes, Texans Alyssa) exclaims, "OH MY GOSH, A CAT!  LET ME PET IT!"  Goodness gracious...  :)

Could you tell us a story about dogs now?  Okay, so I'm at Bikini Hill last week (I've now been 6 times in the last 9 days, but that's neither here nor there), and I'm reading 'The Catcher In The Rye' while listening to iHeartRadio through my Droid.  I look up just in time to see this brown dog running in my direction, and I immediately start petting him as he reaches me.  Zephyr (that's his name) takes this as a good sign as he proceeds to sit on my book and starts licking my face.  Everyone who sees this is laughing as his owner comes up to retrieve him...  So now I have TWO new canine friends from Bikini Hill (Calla and Zephyr) to go along with my trio of facebook friends...  ;)

Could you pick every NCAA tournament game correctly without watching any basketball during the season?  So, I went 2-0 on my picks last night, and I hadn't watched any of the 4 teams play prior to those first-round tourney games...  ;)  My predictions for tonight are also in yesterday's blog entry...

Could you make us more likely to buy stuff by playing happy music?  "I'm..., gonna soak up the sun..., I'm gonna tell everyone to lighten up..." -Sheryl Crow-  The only time that I EVER hear this song is while I'm shopping at the Walmart in San Marcos, America...  Subliminal advertising anyone?  :)

Could you use a little common sense?  Oh, you San Marcos drivers, you...  Okay, so it's VERY EARLY in the morning after our St. Patrick's Day festivities at work (5:00 a.m. would be very early, FYI...).  As the traffic light turns green so that I can make my left turn en route to the grocery store (that would be the 'big H.E.B.' for those of you who are keeping score at home), the lone car at the RED light pulls forward, and for a split-second I'm worried that he's going to hit me...  My window is down (I'm not thinking about this), and as I drive by, I instinctively ask, "ARE YOU 'EFFING' (my blog is PG - use your imagination...) SERIOUS?!"  Since I'm looking at him, I can now see that HIS WINDOW is down, and as I pass, I hear, "SHUT UP!"  BA HA HA HA...  I am SO HAPPY that he heard me...  :)

Could you ALSO use a little common sense?  So when I'm walking home from Bikini Hill yesterday (my 6th visit..., oh yeah, I already told you...)  ;) , I'm walking through the Bobcat Nation parking lot when this truck comes SCREAMING past the row of parked cars.  As I'm about to step out in front of THIS genius, both of us stop. As he waves for me to go, I just ignore him...  If I lose your trust in a traffic situation such as this, I WILL NOT go first.  I am not about to venture in front of you AGAIN and put my life in your hands...  I'm still listening to my iHeartRadio (different day, I know) as the truck makes his way past me, and I say (I'm not sure how loudly), "DRIVE FASTER..."  I quickly find out how loud I was as two separate girls (separate - not with each other) approach me.  The first girl, also listening to music, nods and smiles, while the second girl, who IS NOT listening to music, greets me with a HUGE SMILE...  Yeah, his window was down too by the way...  :P  Maybe they will learn...

Could you consider who you're talking to?  One of my former basketball players visited me at work last weekend and told me that SHE was "too old" for the crowd up at the Veranda.  Yeah, YOU'RE OLD Casey...  ;)

Have a great day and I will see you again tomorrow with A BUNCH of basketball predictions!



  1. Got your text, but have changed phones and haven't figured out how to use the new one yet. Getting old will do that to you!

    The link to my site does show the latest version. I usually post my daily picks early in the morning and just checked thru your link and today's picks are up. Thanks again!

    1. You're welcome Lucki - keep crushing the pros... :)