Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Could You? (7)

"I just read one sentence from my Genetics textbook & I already wanna give up on life..."
-@lleena11- (via twitter)

"You don't just walk away from people.  You don't just throw people away..."
-@Sheldon_Jokes- (via twitter)

"Kung Fu lives in how we treat people.  Kung Fu lives in everything we do.  Everything is Kung Fu..."
-Jackie Chan- (The Karate Kid)

Could you throw in some extra quotes since you're going to be a lazy blogger this month Coach?  Okay, will do...  :)

Could you give me some money because I'm pretty?  God bless San Marcos, America...  :)  Okay, so this story involves my friends Alyssa and Amy.  That would be the same old punk Alyssa and the new punk Amy for those of you who come here to Bikini Hill regularly...  :)  These two characters were at a local San Marcos, America bar this weekend when a complete stranger approaches them.  The guy says, "hi, you two are pretty - can I buy you a drink?"  THEN the guy gives them a handful of cash...  :)  The BEST PART is that Alyssa and Amy then take the cash (which I estimate was between 15 and 20 bucks) and come to our establishment to spend it...  :)  Getting money for being pretty, what a racket...  Pfffttt...  :P

Could you really hurt me?  Okay, now this story is about one of my newer friends, Castelluccio.  I see on facebook yesterday where Castelluccio is involved in Krav Maga self-defense training.  At this point I should let you know that this story revolves around underestimating people, because Castelluccio MIGHT weigh 100 pounds..., SOAKING WET...  :)  It makes me wonder if my friend is just signing Bobcats up for the course, or if I'll have to watch my back when I see her???  :)

Could you provide a better segue into what you're going to tell us about the Karate Kid Coach?  Yes, so this weekend was the first time that I saw the remake of the Karate Kid.  I just happened to be flipping through the channels when I found it.  I actually think that I like the remake better than the original, which is something that I never thought I'd find myself saying about a remake.  The reason for this might just be that the new Karate Kid is different, and I like some of the new characters.  This leads us to our next question...

Could you talk to us about what might be the saddest line that you've ever heard in a movie?  Okay, so this new karate kid (Jaden Smith) almost makes his love interest late for her big violin audition at the Beijing Academy of Music (yes, this movie is set in China, which I found interesting also).  Now keep in mind that Smith was only 11 or 12 years-old when this movie was made - these are just kids...  After her audition, the girl is forced by her parents to tell Jaden, "We can no longer be friends.  You are bad for my life..."  Doesn't that just rip your heart out?  Goodness gracious...  :(

Could you tell us a funny story from Bikini Hill Coach?  So yesterday it's 77 degrees in San Marcos, America at 1:00 p.m. and it's my Saturday.  You're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT that I'm heading to Bikini Hill...  So I get there, lay out my towel, and then start digging into my fantasy baseball magazine. After a while I start looking around and notice the young guy to my right just STARING at the three girls up the hill from us.  I'm talking not wearing sunglasses, head aimed in their direction like he's watching a movie, STARING at these girls.  I was just DYING to say to him, "dude, you MIGHT NOT want to be so obvious..."  :)  I actually thought that it was funny though, so I just kept my mouth shut and resumed studying, which brings us to our next question...

Could you tell us who you're going to take first in your fantasy baseball draft?  As I said here recently, I have the second overall pick in my fantasy baseball draft on the 23rd.  First off, I figured out yesterday that the wait until my second pick, which will be the NINETEENTH overall pick, is going to be EXCRUCIATING...  Pick 2nd, then pick 19th - UGGHHH...  I do think that I"m going to take Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels with my first pick though, so if you happen to be the one person on our planet who is in my league and has the first overall pick, and somehow you managed to find my blog, please don't take him...  :)  For those of you not familiar with my fantasy baseball strategy, I sacrifice home runs and runs batted in, while trying to win the other eight categories (just in case you think I'm crazy, or MORE CRAZY, if you will)...  ;)

Could you tell us about your "last supper" Coach?  So after Bikini Hill yesterday I went to San Antonio to hang out with Dad.  Remember that this is the month that I'm supposed to lose about 13 pounds - today I weighed-in again at 228 pounds.  I'm shooting for 215 by April 1st just in case you don't want to break out your calculators...  ;)  Yesterday I had a late lunch since I hadn't eaten since the morning.  The late lunch was an Angus Mushroom Cheeseburger from McDonald's (meh..., I know)...  Last night for dinner at the Texas Roadhouse, I had a dinner salad with ranch dressing, a couple of rolls, three catfish fillets, and a loaded baked potato (with the 'cheese just crawling out of the top of it loaded')...  :P  And that is IT...  I'm going to batten down the hatches again and do my very best to make 215 by April 1st.  Wish me luck...

Could you also wish me luck on figuring out what's next..., please?  Yesterday was a bittersweet day because it was the day that I did my taxes (yes, I also did my wash before I went to Bikini Hill yesterday - I got A LOT accomplished)...  :D  Anyway, on the day that I finished doing my taxes last year, that was officially the day that I decided to return to Las Vegas, because I knew that with my refund I wouldn't be stranded out there in the desert if things didn't work out.  My mom just moved WAY northeast, my dad will be moving north (maybe), my brother's family may or may not be moving south to Texas - what will Coach be doing?  Hmmm...  Gotta love life...  ;)

I hope that all of you have a great day and I'll see you on Thursday (or maybe tomorrow).  There's no NCAA basketball tournament yet, so I MAY sneak in an extra post there somewhere...  Of course, there IS the Texas State baseball game that I'm going to tonight.  Eat 'Em Up, Cats!  Anyway, have a good one!




  1. Could you please tell me you were just lying about liking the new Karate Kid more than the original?


    1. Ralph Macchio annoys me, for starters... :) Like I said though, it honestly may just be that this one is newer.