Saturday, March 23, 2013

NCAA Tourney 2013 - 3rd Round (Sunday)

Good evening everyone.  I guess there's a good reason that I didn't predict any games for last year's tournament until the 'Sweet Sixteen'...  I got SHREDDED yesterday, only going 8-8, which puts me at 24-14 for the tourney so far this year (1-1 today).  I was extremely tired after work last night, and my fantasy baseball draft took the expected two hours today, so FINALLY, here are my picks for tomorrow's games.  Thanks for your patience...

Sunday, March 24th

Ohio State                          75
Iowa State                          65

Indiana                                78
Temple                                71

Kansas                                 74
UNC                                     66

Florida                                  65
Minnesota                           58

San Diego State                70
Florida Gulf Coast            66

Mississippi                          69
La Salle                                61

Miami                                    62
Illinois                                  56

Duke                                     73
Creighton                            62

I hope that somehow you have some brackets that are still alive and that you enjoy the rest of your basketball weekend.  See ya on Monday!

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