Thursday, March 21, 2013

NCAA Tourney 2013 - 2nd Round (Friday Games)

Good afternoon everyone.  FINALLY finished...  :)  You can't imagine how much time it takes to sift through scores when you have watched almost none of the games all season.  ;)  However, I think that you will be surprised by how many games I get right (at least I know that I always am)...  :)  I am currently sitting at 3-1 after the first-round games.  Before we get started, I wanted to a minute to point out the new link on the right side of my blog for all of you sports fans.  #1SportsPicks is the product of a friend of mine, and he offers a FREE pick or two on a daily basis for all of you sports fanatics.  I also wanted to give a shoutout to my friend Sam for letting me take the "early out" at work last night so that I could compile the "masterpiece" (we'll see) that you're about to read below.  These are my predictions for the second-round games that will be played tomorrow, and my last blog entry has my picks for the games that are being played today.  Here we go...

Friday, March 22nd

Duke                         85                                         North Carolina             71
Albany                     58                                         Villanova                        66

Wisconsin               63                                         Florida                              71
Ole Miss                   57                                         Northwestern St.          56

NC State                  72                                         Oklahoma                        77
Temple                     66                                         San Diego St.                  72

Miami                       73                                         Iowa St.                            75
Pacific                      57                                         Notre Dame                    68

Cincinnati                67                                         Kansas                               86
Creighton                 60                                        W. Kentucky                   62

Colorado                  67                                         UCLA                                70
Illinois                      64                                          Minnesota                       63

Georgetown            69                                          Kansas St.                        72
Fla. Gulf Coast       57                                           La Salle                            67

Ohio State                85                                          Indiana                            77
Iona                            66                                          James Madison             61

I hope that you enjoy all of this basketball, and I will see you again tomorrow with the 'I Remember The First Time' entry that got bumped today.  I will also see you again on Saturday with some more basketball predictions for the weekend.  Have a great day and good luck with your brackets!


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