Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Could You? (8)

"Just when I think my daughter is nothing like me, she trips over her own foot and runs into the wall.  Aaahhhhh, there I am..."  -@__Shannanigans- (via twitter)

"Me explaining my gym, Krav Maga, to my friend:  "What's it called?  Gavin DeGraw?"  Ha ha.  Yes, yes, my gym is Gavin DeGraw..."  -@JDubAndTheLamb- (via twitter)

"Being able to vent to a friend and get amazing advice in return has got to be one of the best things in the world..."  -@jazmine_r3- (via twitter)

"The things people think about while they go to sleep are really the only things that matter..."
-@Bwaid_beats- (via twitter)

"I'm not polite because of who you are or how you look; means nothing to me.  I'm nice because that's who I am.  Class and manners count..."  -@james44441- (via twitter)

Could you have a dream?  Good morning everyone.  Seems like a long time since I last posted...  :)  The dream that we're talking about here is a dream that I had while sleeping over the weekend.  For the first time in a long time, I had a dream about playing poker.  The funny thing is, part of the dream consisted of me being bored at the table.  If you've ever played poker, you've had one of those moments when time just stands still...  The new dealer might be coming into the box and has to count the bank, you might be waiting for the floorperson to come to your table during a hand that you're not involved in, etc...  Well, somehow one of those moments snuck into my dream, and I was focused on playing with my chips...  This dream probably won't be foreshadowing for the coming year as there is a very slim chance that I will be moving back to Las Vegas at the end of the summer.  However, there will be some more talk about gambling at the end of this entry...  ;)

Could you be more thankful for the internet?  Last week at this time I had an upper eyelid infection.  The infection was becoming increasingly painful and I could see the swelling spreading across my eyelid.  I took this very seriously because I got a skin infection a few years ago (city league softball, not washing the dirt out of a scrape soon enough is my best guess), and that arm infection cost me in the neighborhood of $300.00.  I looked up this upper eyelid infection online, went through several photos, and tried the "home remedy" for the least serious scenario, which was using soap and water to clean the infected area (there were no visible scrapes, etc...).  The article also said to use a compress on the eyelid and to take some acetaminophen.  THANKFULLY, within minutes the pain decreased, and the infection went away later in the week without having to seek medical attention.  Just another excuse to spend more time on the computer...  ;)

Could you tell us about something scary that you heard, as opposed to an icky medical situation?  Last weekend at about 12:30 a.m., a customer wanders by me at work, searching frantically, and says, "we lost him on his 21st birthday..."  WONDERFUL...

Could you dance for me?  So I'm at my normal station last weekend when this girl stops by and chats me up.  This is one of our regular customers, regular enough to know what my job is at this checkpoint.  Work was pretty slow at this point, and the customer starts asking a few of the customers to dance for her before they can pass and go upstairs.  She's standing in front of me, and of course I'm telling the customers over her shoulder that they don't have to dance, but OF COURSE most of them do a two-second "dance" for the girl.  She leaves shortly afterward, and upon leaving, one of the customers stops and asks me if she has to dance before leaving also.  I responded that she didn't have to dance, and that the girl had already left.  Her DEAD SERIOUS reply was, "she doesn't work here???"  :)

Could you find a way to gamble without being in Las Vegas?  So I had already signed up for a fantasy baseball league for this season.  The entry fee for this league was $25.00.  Last weekend, I received a promo code from CDM Sports, who runs the league.  The code was good for discounted fees on additional entries.  HMMM...  :)  If I'm going to be studying and keeping up with baseball ANYWAY, I MIGHT AS WELL sign up to compete in some more leagues...  ;)  NOTE:  My favorite quote from the movie 'Tombstone' is the Doc Holliday line, "That's what I love about Wyatt.  He can talk himself into anything..."  ANYWAY, so I signed up for a couple of $50.00 leagues (for $40.00 each).  I now have the potential to win as much as $725.00 among the 3 leagues, and as little as $0.00 if I do as well as I did last year...  Well, the first draft of the three is taking place tonight, so I will be doing some last-minute cramming at Bikini Hill this afternoon (forecast high - 79 degrees).  I told you earlier that I'm drafting 2nd out of 10 teams in the first league that I signed up for.  In these last couple of leagues, I will be drafting 10th and 9th out of 10 teams.  Ugghhh...  HOWEVER, this "gambling" by me doesn't come close to comparing to one of the guys who is a member of all of my leagues.  His league entries are numbered, like 'Team 4', 'Team 9', 'Team 13', etc...  Well, according to this numbering system, he is playing in AT LEAST 24 different fantasy leagues...  Can you be a professional fantasy baseball player?  :)

Could you please have a great day?  I'll see you again on Thursday everyone...  ;)


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