Friday, March 22, 2013

I Remember The First Time (9)

"My mom texted, "Punxatawny Phil must die" and she lives approximately three hours from him.  Winter will be over soon guys..." -@SharpeBytes- (via twitter)

"Before I die, I want to follow a family around Disneyworld for a day, just to be in the background of all of their photos.  #bucketlist" -@jazzledazzle94- (via twitter)

"Be confident.  Just kidding - life is unpredictable and you should be terrified..."
-@SergioValenCo- (via twitter)

"Good Lord, will someone please take Twitter away from Amanda Bynes?  #hotmess"
-@Mcolette- (via twitter)

"You deserve so much more than what you accept..." -@_msnemo- (via twitter)

I remember the first time that a quote spoke to me...  I really relate to that @msnemo line that is listed directly above - I need to do something about that...

I remember the first time that I never visited the twitter page of Amanda Bynes...  Two quotes up, well..., I just thought that was funny, although I've never seen Amanda's tweets myself...  It's a similar quote to something that I tweeted a little while back, about people needing to have their twitter accounts revoked if they thought that Percy Harvin is better than Anquan Boldin.  Maybe that's why I like it...  :)

I remember the first time that I overslept...  This entry is coming to you later than I had anticipated today because I slept for about seven hours straight after I got home from work last night.  You will be seeing another entry later today with my predictions for tomorrow's third-round NCAA tourney games as soon as I get to look at the matchups.  The reason for this is that I have my final fantasy baseball draft at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.  At some point after I have finished that, I will post my predictions for Sunday's third-round basketball games.

I remember the first time that some of our regular customers gave their parents a tour of my workplace...  Last night I saw Maddie and Ashley, and they both had their mom with them as they showed off the best party spot in San Marcos, America...  ;)  The girls proposed the outstanding idea (hmmmm....) that we should have a slide that our customers could ride from the Veranda down to the ground floor.  Someone ALWAYS has to shoot down a good idea, right?  My thing was that customers would go up to the Veranda JUST to ride the slide...  One of the mothers chimed in that our customers would get sick on the slide, and that someone would have to clean it up...  Don't you just hate it when people steal your thunder?  :)

I remember the first time that I had a simple answer to a question...  Recently customers approached my checkpoint and asked, "how do we get upstairs?"  I nodded toward the stairs and answered, "upstairs..."  ;)

I remember the first time that I was involved in a birthday scavenger hunt...  Last week a group of very excited girls approached me with a piece of notebook paper.  They were animated as they informed me that they had a birthday girl and were participating in a scavenger hunt.  They looked at their list, and the conversation went:

Them:  "You could kiss another dude?..."
Me:  "Hmmmm..., NOOOO..."

Then as they anxiously looked over their list, I asked to see it.  Starting at the top, I noticed the second item - "supercat" (I think that the new Bobcat is actually a "powercat" - ANYWAY....).

Me:  "Isn't this a supercat?"  (I showed them the logo on my ballcap, which I had been wearing backwards).
Them: "YESSSSS!!!"

Here to bring joy into the lives of others..., that's me...  ;)

I remember the first time that I was accused of being on drugs...  I was at my checkpoint, manipulating the three poker chips that I'm almost always playing with, when a guy stops, surveys the situation, and then says:

Guy:  "You're on cocaine..."
Me:  (YEAH, just more than a little surprised...)  "Nooooo..."
Guy:  "You're on..., SOMETHING..."
Me:  (Someone who has NEVER done any drugs, unless you count alcohol of course...) "Nooooo..."

Okay my friends, just be a little patient, and I will be back shortly with a new post outlining my NCAA picks for tomorrow.  Have a great day in the meantime!



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    1. I thought of you the SECOND that I read that tweet Serge... :)