Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NCAA Tourney 2013 - Sweet 16

Good morning everyone.  I flipped through the onscreen t.v. guide and I could be watching 'Tori Spelling Jewelry Collection' right now, but I opted to give you some basketball predictions instead...  My record currently stands at 34-18 for this tournament.  I went 13-2 last year in the 'Sweet 16' (without making predictions throughout the earlier rounds).  It seems like it will be a noteworthy task matching that 13-2 mark this time around after looking at these first 8 games.  In 6 of these first 8 contests, the line is 6 points or less.  Ummmm, good luck favorites...  :)  And good luck Coach - here we go...

Thursday, March 28th

Miami                       71
Marquette              63

Arizona                   72
Ohio State              69

Indiana                    67
Syracuse                 66

Wichita State         72
La Salle                    70

Friday, March 29th

Louisville                 75
Oregon                      71

Kansas                      65
Michigan                  62

Michigan State       66
Duke                           63

Florida                       73
Fla. Gulf Coast        64

Have a great day and I will see you again tomorrow!


  1. Way off on the Ohio St prediction and the Wolverines will make the final 4. Just thought you'd like some help since you're a gamblin' man.

    1. Thank you for the comment (we need more here)... :) I would be really interested to see if that Ohio State pick ends up being "way off" - the Buckeyes are only 4-point favorites, and that game is being played on the West Coast. Ohio State didn't exactly roll over Iowa State (78-75).

      Michigan (only a 2-point dog) will earn the Final Four if they get there, seeing that Kansas is a one-seed - enjoy the tournament! :)