Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Could You? (12)

"Sorry I cannot hire someone born after 1990.  I need an employee that understands all of my cultural references..." -@SharpeBytes- (via twitter)

"If you come here to attack people and harass my friends, I'm going to stick up for them.  You don't like it?  Unfollow me - it's that simple..." -@NurseRatchet719- (via twitter)

"I wish there was an app for "is this too wrinkled to wear?" because getting married again just seems way too expensive..." -@Bourbon Diary- (via twitter)

"You're a student once, but you're a Bobcat for life... #TXST" -@txst- (via twitter)

"Bringing you sadness was my greatest sin..." -@Whrthebrainrots- (via twitter)

Could you predict the winner and margin of victory in the NCAA title game Coach?  WOW..., it's nice to get one right...  ;)  (My prediction:  Louisville 68  Michigan 62 - Final:  Louisville 82-76).  The score was obviously higher than I thought it would be.  After I overshot the range of scores in the semifinal games (which I didn't see much of), I figured that the shooting background in the Georgia Dome was tough as it is in many venues that don't normally host basketball.  I honestly didn't watch most of the first half of last night's game, but when I tuned in, the Cardinals were mounting a furious comeback to end the half.  As I suspected, it turned out to be a great game.  Well done Cardinals and Wolverines...

Could you PLEASE take away that feeling of deja vous???  Okay..., so last year my fantasy baseball team suffered a lot of injuries and poor performances from usually dependable players.  This week, David Price and Roy Halladay have already been ROCKED, and Jered Weaver now has an injury - WONDERFUL...

Could you tell me where the phrase "as cool as a cucumber" originated?  Was there once this cucumber who drove a really hot car and picked up all the chicks?  I've eaten cucumbers before, and they have never seemed particularly "cool..."  Hmmmm...

Could you please, pretty please Coach, make another reference to food, or to grocery stores, as you tend to do so often?  Here's some shopping advice for you (the moment that you've been waiting for, I'm sure)...  When you buy perishable goods, ALWAYS find the expiration date!  I went to WalMart very early this morning (today is April 9th), and I bought some milk.  The expiration dates on the gallons that were located at the front of the cooler were the 12th, the 13th, and the 19th...  I'm not even going to tell you that WalMart was playing Sheryl Crow's "Soak Up The Sun" AGAIN...  Pretty soon you are going to be able to Google that song and find my blog...  :)

Could you share the status of 1 of your 3 facebook friends with us Coach?  I meant to "steal" this about five days ago from my friend Courtney:  "Anyone else notice the word 'bed' looks like a bed?"  (See it?)  ;)

Could you share a tweet from 1 of your 3 twitter friends, and at the same time, preview your upcoming crawfish boil entry Coach?  Wow, you people are SOOOOO demanding!  I had originally intended to include a lot of little crawfish boil excerpts in today's post, but I think (THINK) that I'm going to write up a full entry tomorrow.  Here's a tweet that I think you'll like though (although it's really not true..., ALLEGEDLY...):  "Hey @desertcoach (that's me) remember that one time I beat you in a crawfish peel race?  #IDo #IWon #YouLost #AllTalk"  Yeah...  My friend (allegedly) Alyssa was struggling with a crawfish on Sunday, so I KINDLY (most definitely) showed her the easiest way to peel them.  When I returned with some fresh crawfish of my own, I was challenged to a "peel race..."  Yeah, somehow I lost (allegedly)...  I'm pretty sure that my crawfish was defective (most definitely)...  ;)

Could you share two of the best lines that you heard at Sunday's crawfish boil?  Absolutely...

"I've been around 1,000 pounds of crawfish in the last month - I've eaten 3..." -Floyd-

"Is that a shrimp?  Then why does it have a face?..." -Melanie-

I hope that you have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow!




  1. You will not see me tomorrow but I'll be here in spirit

  2. Nice grrouchie... Do you think that anyone has EVER read this two days in a row, or even twice?... :)