Friday, April 26, 2013

I Remember The First Time (14)

"My physique is best described as "I can't believe it's not butter"..."
-@SortaBad- (via twitter)

"Fans don't run the show..." -Matthew Weiner- (message from the creator of 'Mad Men' to critics of season six of the AMC hit - via Yahoo!)

"The Omaha airport and the middle of a field look awfully similar.  This should be exciting..."
-Kourtney Chalmers-

"Hey Cordarrelle, this is Christian Ponder...  I'll be the guy throwing the ball at your feet. Welcome aboard..." -@FauxJohnMadden- (via twitter)

I remember the first time that I was a day late making this post, and then decided to blatently rip off and straight plagarize a friend's facebook status to lead things off...  "So for the first time in 4 years, and with just over 2 weeks left of school, my fear of accidentally getting on the wrong bus has finally come true..."  -Natalie-  For those of you asking why I didn't just put that up top with the rest of the quotes, it's my blog, so shut up...  :P

I remember the first time that I was going to tell you a story on Tuesday, but it would have been anticlimactic mixed in with my brain freeze story...  It has been well documented here in several riveting stories that customers must transfer their drinks from glass to plastic cups before proceeding to our rooptop bar.  This is a conversation between customers from last week:

Customer 1:  "Chug it!"
Customer 2:  (whiny voice)  "It's cold..."
Customer 1:  "DEAL WITH IT!"

I remember the first time that I was accused of bluffing...  It has been well documented here in several riveting stories how I keep track of how many customers are up at our rooftop bar for capacity purposes.  Recently a customer evidently told one of our bartenders, "You know Coach?  He has no counter, only poker chips..."  Well, it's actually BOTH, and a special shoutout goes out to my friend Ryan, who recently returned to San Marcos, America from the desert with 9 FRESH poker chips for me (3 each from MGM, the Rio, and Excalibur)...  :)  If you don't know me, you really would not believe how much the clay wears away from my CONSTANT manipulation of these things...

I remember the first time that I was proud to be from Texas...  Last night things got off to a slow start at work.  Then I noticed that less than five minutes after the completion of the first round of the NFL Draft is the time that I started to see a significant increase in the number of customers in our establishment.  God bless football...  :)  This was totally understandable when you think about it - both the Texans and the Cowboys had late first round picks.  On that note, every Cowboys' facebook status that I saw bemoaned the trading down of their first pick, and every status hated that Dallas drafted a center...  :)

I remember the first time that I brought up 'capacity' in a post, just because I know that you enjoy reading about 'capacity'...  So last night, within a minute of reaching capacity at our rooftop bar, about thirty customers come cruising down the stairs.  I swear that I heard one of them mention something about rain, and later in the night, after we closed, it was "spitting" outside...  Anyway, when a couple of our regular customers came down the stairs a few minutes later (customers that I recognize but don't know by name), I asked them, "is it raining hard?"  One of the young ladies turned and broke into a dance move, complete with hand and arm gestures (mimicking rain) as she repeated, "is it raining hard?"  Then she said, "it's..., 'RAINING HARD..., but it's..., NOT raining...  It's dry..."  As I just nodded and smiled as the girls turned and walked away, she says to her friend, "he may be too old to understand that..."  BA HA HA HA  :)

Have an outstanding weekend and I'll see you again on Monday!

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