Wednesday, April 17, 2013


"Good friends help you find important things when you've lost them; your Smile, your Hope, and your Courage..." -@GiselieMo- (via twitter)

"Spurs sign Tracy McGrady to add depth to the bench and get the combo senior citizens/group discount at restaurants..." -@TheFakeESPN- (via twitter)

"I've seen enough now to know that beautiful things don't always stay that way..."
-@SaraMarieWeise- (via twitter)

"Finally I know what skinny feels like...  Hungry.  It feels like hungry and I don't like it..."
-@J_Dazzle76- (via twitter)

"Happiness can be found in the strangest of places and in the saddest of eyes..."
-@Paula8020mc- (via twitter)

Good afternoon.  Today I'm just sitting here spinning my wheels, not really sure about what to type.  If you've read my blog before, I'm sure that you would be SHOCKED to know that I usually have some sort of notes or idea of what I'm going to be writing about...  On the t.v. right now is the Kansas City Royals/Atlanta Braves baseball game, and my only chance at scoring any fantasy points would be a late appearance by Braves closer Craig Kimbrel, YET my t.v. is still tuned into the MLB Network...  Yes, it's that kind of day...  Oops, I do have Alcides Escobar of the Royals also (he just made a throwing error, which is the reason I remembered that he's on my team)...  #rightoncue #shocked  Okay, Escobar just started a double-play that will probably be on SportsCenter tonight, so there's that...

Part of tomorrow's blog entry will be my first-round predictions for the upcoming NBA playoffs which begin on Saturday.  I am a Spurs fan if you have forgotten (or if you never knew), but the McGrady quote above was just so funny that I had to include it anyway...  :)  Please keep in mind that I'm one hundred years old, and "so broken and beat up," so I can post tweets that reference senior citizens...  ;)  I have decided that I am going to get back into shape again (and I mean again with the decision, not again like I've ever actually succeeded at getting back into shape)...  ;)  That reminds me, I just bought some ice cream last night (seriously, I'm going to go get a bowl of ice cream right now - Cookies and Cream if you're keeping score at home - I will be right back)...  Okay..., I'm back, and the ice cream has a banana broken up into it because that bunch is about to go bad.  I CHALLENGE YOU to find another blog where someone is writing about breaking up bananas...  #truesuspense  Anyway, I've decided that I'm just going to lose the weight and get into shape, and that at some random point I will tell you what my amazing new weight is.  WOW..., this ice cream is GOOD...  My friend Grrouchie has done a great job losing weight and chronicling his success, but whenever I don't have a good day/week, I just feel like I'm disappointing everyone if I track my diet attempt in that manner.  Don't cry for me Argentina...  BA HA HA HA...  Now a Kansas City Royal is shaken-up - you get ONE GUESS as to who it is...  WOW, I LOVE fantasy baseball...  #escobar

God bless Twitter, huh?  What would we have done if we didn't introduce these hashtags into our everyday life.  I think that twitter must have singlehandedly saved the hashtag.  Wait, I'm going to go tweet that (I seriously am...).  I will bet you everything I own that tweet will be the most retweeted brilliance that I've put on twitter to date...  ;)  I can do this because I don't own much and also because the words 'retweeted' and 'brilliance' have no business being together with regard to anything I've done in Twitterland...  My twitter handle is at the top of this page if you would like to follow me (as people RUSH to their Twitter accounts)...  For those of you who are among my over 2,600 followers, thank you.  To be honest, that is one frustrating thing about writing this blog - I would love to know who is reading it.  I guess that is a commonality throughout the writing universe though - once you've written something, you have no idea (or control over) who is going to see it.  Okay, it's been a couple of minutes and I haven't been retweeted once yet - the bet is off, sorry...  :)

Just so you know, I have been kicking around the idea of making regular blog entries just three times a week, with a fourth entry almost surely coming almost every other week, on some random day.  I still haven't decided if and when I will be moving, and where that move would take me if I do, but I am almost surely (bet you didn't think that you would see "almost surely" twice in the same paragraph) going to need to free up some time.  YES, my brilliance was just retweeted!  The bet of everything that I own against everything that you own is back on!  :)  Anyway, if I do make this change to my posting schedule, I will continue making entries on Tuesdays and Thursdays with my current themes, and the third "concrete" day is the one that I"m trying to nail down.  I'll let you know...

I hope that you have a great day and that you're a little more organized than I am today...  :)  See ya tomorrow!


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