Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Remember The First Time (13)/NBA 1st Rd.

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I remember the first time that I decided to hijack a theme day...  Well my friends, I went back to sleep today (maybe due to the weather here, maybe because I was tired), and you will be getting a lot of NBA today, and not so much funny (unless you think my NBA predictions are funny)...

I remember the first time that I correctly predicted 6 of the 8 playoff teams in each conference...  If you want to verify (or see in its original form) anything that I'm going to be typing soon, go back to my October 31, 2012 post "Really..., Seriously...???"  Below you will see my predictions for the 2012-2013 NBA regular season, side-by-side with the actual outcome...

Eastern Conference Prediction                  Actual Outcome

1)  Miami                                                                1)  Miami
2)  Chicago                                                             2)  New York
3)  Boston                                                               3)  Indiana
4)  Indiana                                                             4)  Brooklyn
5)  Atlanta                                                              5)  Chicago
6)  Brooklyn                                                          6)  Atlanta
7)  Philadelphia                                                   7)  Boston
8)  Orlando                                                            8)  Milwaukee

Western Conference Prediction                 Actual Outcome

1)  Oklahoma City                                             1)  Oklahoma City
2)  San Antonio                                                  2)  San Antonio
3)  L.A. Clippers                                                 3)  Denver
4)  L.A. Lakers                                                    4)  L.A. Clippers
5)  Memphis                                                         5)  Memphis
6)  Dallas                                                               6)  Golden State
7)  Denver                                                             7)  L.A. Lakers
8)  Portland                                                          8)  Houston

I remember the first time that I apologized to New York, Milwaukee, Golden State, and Houston.  Well, the Knicks get a HUGE apology.  I didn't have them participating in the festivities at all, and they end up with the second seed in the East.  The Bucks snuck into the eighth spot, so I'm a little less sorry there.  Philadelphia and Orlando let me down, but I picked them seventh and eighth, so not so bad...  In the West, Golden State took the sixth seed (welcome back to the postseason Warriors) and the Rockets grabbed the eighth spot.  Mavericks and Blazers, what happened?  :P  All in all, not horrible predictions...

I remember the first time that a prediction of mine looked really good...  In that Halloween blog entry, I said that the 2nd through 5th seeds in the West would finish within 5 games of each other (it took me some time trying to seed those spots).  Well, I got 3 of the 4 teams right, and they finished within TWO games of each other (throw OKC in there, and the top 5 finished within 4 games of each other)...  :)

I remember the first time that some of my predictions were still up in the air.  Again going back to that Halloween post, I predicted that the Lakers would not even reach the Western Conference Finals (I said that there was NO WAY they'd win the title this year - Vegas had them at 8 to 5 to win it all)...  I also said to expect some deja vous in the finals, with the Heat beating the Thunder once again...

I remember the first time that it wasn't the first time that I made predictions for the first-round of the playoffs...  Here are my long-awaited (AHEM...) predictions for the opening round:

Heat over the Bucks in 5 games
Knicks over the Celtics in 7 games
Pacers over the Hawks in 7 games
Bulls over the Nets in 6 games

Thunder over the Rockets in 5 games
Spurs over the Lakers in 5 games
Nuggets over the Warriors in 7 games
Clippers over the Grizzlies in 5 games

I remember the first time that I found something interesting while doing research...  When looking back at the results for the Nuggets/Warriors games this season, I found that they played each other 3 times in 19 days back in November - very interesting scheduling...  They faced each other only once more during the season...

Have a great weekend and I'll see you again on Monday!



  1. Think I agree with all your outcomes, except possibly Clippers-Grizz. I smell a Grizzlies win based on the theory that there has to be at least one Gasol brother playing in in the 2nd round.

    I could also see the dreaded Celtics upsetting the Knicks. Not predicting it, but I think it's possible, as is a Warrior upset over Denver.

    The worst prediction here is Miami over the Bucks in FIVE games. On what planet do the Bucks finish a game within single digits of the Heat? None I know of. I predict Miami in THREE. The Bucks will be too embarrassed to show up for game 4. Actually, they won't show up for the first three either, but for game 4 it could be that they LITERALLY don't show up.

    Also, if it takes Indiana seven games to beat Atlanta, they should be re-assigned to the D-league next year.

    1. The Bucks gave the Heat 1 of their 16 losses this year. Pacers and Hawks split their season series 2-2. Just playing the odds Rob - keep up the good work!