Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Remember The First Time (12)

"Being indecisive doesn't make me a bad person, or does it?" -@iheartgunts- (via twitter)

"I'm getting sick of all these chicks dressing me with their eyes..." -@rdm_guy- (via twitter)

"People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day..." -Pooh-
-@disneywords- (via twitter)

"Sex In The City is the prequel to The Golden Girls, right?" -@canadasandra- (via twitter)

"I'm looking to the sky to save me, looking for a sign of life, looking for something to help me burn out bright..." -Foo Fighters- (Learn To Fly)

I remember the first time that someone paid NO ATTENTION to where they were going...  This was EASILY the thing that upset me the most at work last week...  I was holding down my station on the way up to the Veranda when a small group approached me, led by a petite blonde who had her eyes BURIED in her phone (of course she was leading the group).  Heading down to Harper's from around the corner was a fast approaching group of four people who were all bigger than this girl.  From about 10 feet away I said "wait" - and then from 5 feet - and then I had to practically put my hand in her face and warn "WAIT!"  The girl FINALLY looked up as the group going downstairs made their way past the girl and her group.  As this petite blonde and her friends proceeded upstairs, I heard, "did you see that? he got right in my face and said 'WAIT!'..."  To this moment, I don't think that this girl has ANY IDEA that I saved her from getting PLOWED by the group going downstairs...  No good deed...

I remember the first time that I solved a mystery...  For a while now I have been wondering WHY people would come all the way out to me in the hallway, pour their drinks into a cup, and THEN ASK ME what's upstairs, or if there's a bar on the roof...  Last weekend this happened again when a pair of girls approached me, but then one of them volunteered that they were "told to go upstairs..."  Personally I would still prefer to have some idea where I'm headed, but this makes more sense than wandering around aimlessly, like..., say..., a mouse in a maze...  ;)

I remember the first time that someone made me smile...  I have cried here before about the ENDLESS number of customers who will break out the same UNFUNNY lines that I just don't have any interest in mustering a fake smile for, so I give them a stone face...  Well recently, this young lady was headed downstairs, and she knows that the line underneath the doorway, the spot where the wood and tile meet, is the exact point where I add or subtract customers from the Veranda count.  She asked me what the count was, and then she started "dancing" back and forth across the line, chanting, "97, 98, 97, 98..."  This isn't the first time that a customer has done something similar to this, but I had no choice other than to smile and offer her a hug after she performed her little Vaudeville production...  :)

I remember the first time that I was important...  Very often I hear either the phrase "you always work" or "you're always here" when I'm at my station in the hallway on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  Recently I heard an original line, as one of our female customers exclaimed, "the only man in my life I can depend on..." :)

I remember the first time a birthday was inconvenient...  I have to admit that I felt pretty miserable at work last night because I managed to turn my sleep pattern inside out again (major accomplishment), but this is the one line that made me smile...  A group of about 8 people was headed upstairs when I heard, "you would have to turn 21 on a WEDNESDAY..."

I remember the first time that bragging about some of my former students/athletes saved a post from being made up entirely of work stories...  So this past Sunday, the 36th Annual Statesman Capitol 10K was held up in Austin.  This was only the 36th time that I've failed to participate in the event...  ;)  (Hey, I've finished three marathons, so get off my back)...  My first shoutout goes out to Hunter, a graduate of the first high school that I worked for, which really was 100 years ago...  ;)  She is also a graduate of Texas State University, and the thing that I'll always remember about Hunter is her telling me that back when she was deciding on a college, I was one of the only people who told her that she should go to school in San Marcos...  See, sometimes I'm right...  ;)  Our second shoutout goes out to Valerie (sorry Val, but I never call you Val...), who is also a fellow Bobcat.  Valerie not only attended college here, but she also went to high school in San Marcos, America, as did our next contestant.  Actually, our next contestant Alvin also attended BOTH high school and college here in San Marcos.  In case the three of you don't know this, there is a site called where you can look up the official race results.  I'm not posting your times here because I don't know if you were trying to run the 10K competitively, but Alvin, as a former college running back, you should have beat them both by more...  KIDDING...  :)  Congratulations to all 3 of you for finishing an event on Sunday which drew 15,181 participants!  At the crawfish boil that I attended on Sunday (which I will write up in detail tomorrow), I just happened to see the facebook posts by these three on my phone, but I NEVER DID go back through and thoroughly search to see if anyone else completed the 10K, so if I'm missing anyone out there, I apologize...

Well, I already gave it away.  I'll see you again tomorrow when I write up a great crawfish boil.  Have an outstanding day!


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