Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Remember The First Time (11) - The Final Four

(April 1st)  "Four years ago today I got my Texas State acceptance letter.  I thought it was an April Fools' joke..." -@ChelseaOnTime- (via twitter)

"When a girl is silent, a million things are going through her mind..."
-@Dreii03- (via twitter)

"If you truly want to be with a person, listen to your heart and not all the voices from all the people around you..." -@Notebook- (via twitter)

"A BIG thank you to all the people who believe in me, and an even bigger thank you to the ones who don't!" -@TheWeifenbach- (via twitter)

I remember the first time that the fine supporters of Wichita State had a good laugh at my expense.  SOOOOO, it seems that..., SOMEONE has picked against the Shockers three times during this NCAA Tournament (I did pick the Shockers to beat LaSalle 72-70 - Final Score:  Wichita State 72-58).  Well, it seems that it's that time (well, it's that time for me, because this is my last blog post of the week).  Today I am making my predictions for Saturday's pair of Final Four games, and on Monday I will be back with my pick for the national championship game.  Let's take a look at Saturday:

Saturday, April 6th

Louisville (33-5) vs. Wichita State (30-8)
5:05 p.m. CST
The Georgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)

Here we have a matchup featuring the top team in the Big East (Louisville) against the team that finished 2nd in the Missouri Valley Conference (Wichita State).  The Cardinals are coming off of a 22-point victory over Duke, while the Shockers taught me not to be smarmy (we'll see) with their 4-point upset of Ohio State.  Another Wichita State victory (they are eleven-point underdogs) would indeed be shocking (see what I did there?)...  ;)  I say...

Louisville        79
Wichita St.     72

Michigan (30-7) vs. Syracuse (30-9)
7:45 p.m. CST
The Georgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)

You have to love this tournament.  Here we have a matchup of the team that finished 4th in the Big Ten (Michigan) facing the team that finished 5th in the Big East (Syracuse).  The Wolverines just drummed Florida by 20 points, while Syracuse just disposed of Marquette by 16.  Michigan is a two-point favorite.  I will go with...

Michigan     77
Syracuse     74

I am going to keep it short and sweet today.  Have a great basketball weekend and I will see you again on Monday!



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  2. I like your semis picks. If things happen that way, we have the potential of an excellent final.

    1. But..., but..., no one EVER likes my picks... :) I'm going to enjoy watching whoever gets through to Monday night - crazy tournament...