Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Could You? (14)

"When I write "spiritual" on my online dating profiles, it means I like to watch 'Ghostbusters'..." -@TylerComeOn- (via twitter)

"Some of the (stuff) you women do with your hair is absurd.  Looks like a damn eagle spread its wings then got run over by a truck..." -@iAmJuddy- (via twitter)

"I know there's no such thing as stupidity poisoning because you'd be dead by now..."
-@BeenToHellPal- (via twitter)

Could you tell us something that you're afraid you might actually say to one of your customers who irritates you?  If you know me, you know that I'm a pretty nice person, and that I actually use this blog to do a lot of my venting.  However, that last quote above..., that's the one that's going to have me biting my tongue at work soon...  Speaking of that, I have no shortage of material for you to read today or Thursday...  :P

Could you share a quote with your friend?  I have a friend named Angelica who I mentioned in this blog because of the way that she wears her hair, and although that second quote above does not describe her hair, I tagged her to this entry in facebook because I KNOW that she will laugh as soon as she reads it.  :)  You always have to remember two things people:  1)  I only pick on people that I like; and 2)  I like to make people laugh, and I LOVE people who can make me laugh...  ;)

Could you please mention Melanie and Alyssa, since it seems like DAYS since they've seen their names in print here?...  I went for a walk earlier (I started at about 1:00 a.m.) because I almost have to get out and walk when I do most of my serious thinking.  I ended up at work after about half an hour, and only after having some BATS swoop down at me (yes, I did jump and hustle out of the way) as I approached the Square (walking at 1:30 a.m. - go figure)...  I used the restroom, and then I went to the bar and said hey to all of my friends (all of whom were working diligently I might add)...  :)  I explained that I had been WALKING, and then Alyssa asked if I'd like a ride home...  Do you remember that recent post where the two ladies approached me at work, and I was told that I looked "so broken and beat up?"  YEAH..., I thought of this INSTANTLY when Alyssa about me about the ride - I was WALKING...  :P  Naturally I accepted the ride, because I wouldn't want to be rude, AHEM... (and I WAS practically attacked by bats), but c'mon...  :)  Oh, by the way..., 8 more days until these girls finish their internship, and 19 until they graduate... WHAT WILL I write about then?...  ;)

Could you tell us another story about walking Coach?  A group of customers was making their way to the Veranda this past weekend, when the reluctant one stopped, not wanting to make the journey (through THE MAZE I suppose)...  :P  The group leader exclaimed, "you can see all of San Marcos from here!"  The reluctant one answered that encouraging plea with, "I'VE SEEN SAN MARCOS!!..."  :)  And yes, they DID go up to the Veranda...

Could you tell us about a possible conspiracy?  During this past weekend (speaking of the maze), I had a customer (to my face) tell me that the hallway at work is "like a maze..."  I started thinking that someone is reading the blog and was put up to saying that DIRECTLY TO ME...  I think that I will know for sure that something strange is afoot the night that FIFTY people make that comment to me...  Can you imagine me squirming if that does happen?  UGGHHH...

Could you please make just one more maze reference Coach?  I'm not making this up..., over the weekend, someone said to their friend, "I wonder if people get lost in here..."  They HAVE TO BE saying these things just to bother me, right?

Could you tell us about one of the funniest things that you've ever seen at work?  At closing time one night this weekend, most of the customers had already left the building.  As I reached Harper's, I saw a group of five people, which included a guy who was leaning with his back to the wall, holding his head like someone had recently..., PUNCHED HIM or something, but without the moaning or the blood...  As I watched, trying to figure out what was going on, a SECOND PERSON in the group then grabbed their head SUDDENLY...  I looked at the drink that they were hurriedly trying to finish before leaving the bar, and then I realized what was going on...  The group had a frozen drink from upstairs, and as each person in the group took their turn at trying to kill it..., WELL..., EACH PERSON IN THE GROUP was subjecting their head to a BRAIN FREEZE...  I now watched a THIRD PERSON in the group clutching their own head, and it was all that I could do to not start laughing...

Could you tell us about the cat that lived off of McDonald's food for over a year, and how it relates to your life?  I saw this story on Yahoo! last week, and it reminded me of a story from my past involving myself and a good friend of mine.  An abandoned cat in New Zealand basically lived in a McDonald's parking lot, successfully begging for food from customers, until an SPCA worker "rescued" (I mean, how bad could it be, right?) the cat...  :)  When I left coaching here in San Marcos a hundred years ago, my friend Kelley really helped me through a lot of personal bitterness, simply by being my friend...  :)  Well, Kelley is a HUGE animal lover, and she also worked a few hours each week at the swimming pool that I was managing.  The pool had some stray cats that would stop by from time to time, and being the kind person that I am, I decided to feed them some of the food that I had on hand (and I'm talking healthy food, like Cheetos and corn chips)...  WELL, being a hundred years ago, I don't remember the EXACT words in this conversation, but basically, the gist of it was Kelley asking, "WHAT are you feeding them?!"  Needless to say, the rest of the summer these strays ate cat food...  :)

Could you end this with one more reminder that you're a hundred years old Coach?  During my second year of teaching and coaching, my good friends and colleagues had a baby girl.  Last night when I was on facebook, I received a message asking me for my address..., for a... (wait for it..., wait for it...) GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENT!  Ellen is graduating a year early (overachieving showoff), but STILL...  Congratulations Ellen!  ;)

I hope that you have a great day, and I'll see you again on Thursday!



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