Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Could You? (15)/NHL 1st Rd.

"Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist.  Children already know that dragons exist.  Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed..." -G.K. Chesterton- (via 'Criminal Minds')

"Got off of work, walk to my car, hop in on the passenger side.  Realize I'm driving myself..." -Jennifer Hernandez- (via facebook)

"I can't make people like me.  All I can do is show them who I am, how I feel, and what I believe.  It's up to them to understand my worth..." -@VictorMochere- (via twitter)

"The amount of dip you put on something increases exponentially by the amount of people that can't see you putting dip on something..." -@yoyoha- (via twitter)

"Treat life as your personal playground.  Don't make it a prison of your own creation..."
-_msnemo- (via twitter)

Could you do a favor for me?  I posted really late yesterday, so please go back and read 'The 5th Annual Lone Star Music Awards' entry from yesterday if you missed it.  The opening quote from my friend Lauren will make it worth your time...

Could you tell us more about Jennifer Hernandez?  Jennifer posted that quote above as her facebook status a few days, but please don't worry about her well-being...  :P  Jennifer will be graduating from Texas Tech in the not-too-distant future.  At least I think that she will - it's not like I've seen a photo of a ring or anything...  ;)

Could you give us a quote from another San Marcos girl?  I heard "COACH WYATT!" at work last weekend, and then received a hug from my friend and former student Ana.  When she gave me a goodbye hug, Ana asked, "did you think you'd ever see me 'wasted-faced'?..."  "Wasted-faced" - this has already been a great week for quotes...  :)

Could you tell us why you posted so late yesterday?  My Sunday started shortly after 5:00 p.m. at Harper's, and ended at 2:00 a.m. at the Cheatham Street Warehouse.  If you didn't already know that my day ended at Cheatham Street, well, then you haven't done your homework assignment, which was to go back and read yesterday's post (shame, shame...).  Shortly after taking my first sip of alcohol on Sunday, I hear from the far end of the bar, "you look familiar..."  At the time, I was manipulating the three poker chips that I reference so often here, and my response was, "I get that a lot..."  Then the customer exclaimed, "YOU'RE THE THIRD FLOOR DUDE!"  I was dressed a little differently than I normally am for work, thus the confusion.

Could you tell us more about poker chips, and drinking, and another nickname that you learned about on Sunday?  Fast forward to the Cheatham Street afterparty on Sunday night, where I'm standing in line at the bar...  Two guys approach me, and the first asks, "are you the poker chip juggler?"  At the time, I was PREDICTABLY playing with the chips, which I showed the guy.  Instantly, and non-chalantly, his friend snaps off, "always..."

Could you tell us about the third nickname that you were given this weekend?  Okay, sure...  So I'm working Saturday night, and this girl comments on my knee sleeves (which I get a lot).  "Did you hurt both of your ACL's?"  I explained that I wear the sleeves as a preventative measure, due to the amount of stairs that I navigate (the MAZE, you know)...  Minutes later the girl comes back down the stairs with a guy and a girl, and she says, "Hey, it's preventative ACL man!..."  #thirdfloordude #pokerchipjuggler #preventativeaclman #pickyourfavorite

Could you mention another San Marcos native?  I want to send official belated birthday wishes from Bikini Hill to my friend Gabby.  Gabby asked to be mentioned in the blog (SO MUCH like her "big sister"), and since she hangs around with SO MANY questionable influences (can you say Chi-O?), I thought that I'd make her day...  Now study for your finals Gabby...  ;)

Could you mention just one more San Martian, and throw in a San Antonio native as well?  By the way, this is also the official start of our sports talk today...  :)  When I woke up on Sunday, I saw on facebook that one of my friends and former softball players had completed a 5K that morning.  I scrolled down a little bit, and what do you know, another one of my friends and former softball players had completed a 5K...  Then I noticed that 'Norfolk, VA' was the mobile location of the photo that I had just seen with Bianca.  It took about two seconds for me to click to the fact that Michele lives there too.  I thought that it was really neat that I had just seen pictures of a couple of Texas girls who had just completed the Color Me Rad 5K, both military spouses who I coached in softball (at the very beginning and near the very end of my coaching career), who are separated by about ten years, and who grew up in hometowns located about a half-hour from each other.  Although it's unlikely that they know each other, they had both participated in the same event, over a thousand miles away, due the fact that their husbands serve our country - very cool stuff...  :)

Could you tell us something about the recent NFL Draft?  I thought that it was very interesting that 63 players were selected from SEC schools, which is more than double the amount picked from any other conference (the ACC had 31 taken).  There were 254 total players drafted, so almost 25% of those chosen (or almost 1 out of every 4) came from the SEC - very impressive...

Could you tell us if you've quit your fantasy baseball leagues?  No, I haven't given up yet, but here are the current standings:

League 1 - (25 entry fee - 1st place 125, 2nd place 25)

1)  Neshanic                                            74.00
2)  DraftDodgers                                   67.50
3)  Rocky Roto                                       56.50
3)  Shazzam                                             56.50
9)  The View From Bikini Hill         45.50

League 2 - (50 entry fee/40 w/discount - 1st place 300, 2nd place 50)

1)  Breaking Bats                                    76.00
2)  4troublemakers                               74.00
3)  The Bikini Hill Bobcats                 67.50  (A miracle, yes, I know...)

League 3 - (50 entry fee/40 w/discount - 1st place 300, 2nd place 50)

1)  Nappy Heads                                    78.00
2)  Fishing For Trout                           61.50
3)  jonnylove7                                        59.00
6)  The Bikini Hill Nine                       51.50

It's still the same old story for my teams - the pitching isn't living up to expectations, my teams aren't scoring runs or stealing bases, blah, blah, blah... (yet)...  ;)

Could you FINALLY get to your first round NHL playoff predictions, for Serge if for no other reason...  I have probably mentioned here in the past that NHL overtime playoff games are one of my favorite sporting events to watch.  Give me a double or triple-overtime game where the players can barely skate, but someone HAS TO score for it to come to an end - AWESOME...  :)  I did not make regular season predictions before the hockey season, but here are my predictions for the first round of the playoffs:

Penguins over the Islanders in 5 games
Canadiens over the Senators in 7 games
Rangers over the Capitals in 6 games
Bruins over the Maple Leafs in 5 games

Blackhawks over the Wild in 5 games
Ducks over the Red Wings in 7 games
Sharks over the Canucks in 6 games
Kings over the Blues in 6 games

Phew..., big blog day...  I hope that you have a great day, and I'll see you again on Thursday!



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