Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Could You? (13)

"No one notices what you do, until you don't do it..." -@isitthattime1- (via twitter)

"This idiot asked me if Texas State was in Killeen..." -@Lwalton_4TD- (via twitter)

"I believe in myself, even if no one else will..." -@_cloudHopnACE- (via twitter)

"A guy just wants to walk through the Quad in peace...  #GoAway"
-@HerreraJonatha1- (via twitter)

"Yes, of course you can fall in love before you actually meet.  I fall in love with pizza before it gets delivered to my house all the time..." -@cupcakelynda- (via twitter)

Could you please stop the senseless violence?  My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims in Boston, as well as my undying gratitude and support for those whose job it is to protect and defend us.

Could you be the brightest bartender in San Marcos, America?  I was walking through Slackers (our "shot bar") last weekend when I heard part of a conversation.  Some female customers were guessing the age of one of our bartenders.  After this exercise was finished, one of the girls asked the bartender to guess her age.  He guessed 21 (the minimum age required to be in our establishment).  He then guessed 22, 23, etc...  I think that Adam is GREAT at that game, and that he's gonna do okay in life...  ;)

Could you try to match at least one of the attributes?  A few months back, I read an article in the Austin Chronicle by Kate Thornberry.  Ms. Thornberry listed the three major attributes of a great blog:  first she said that the blog should be posted regularly; second she stated that the blog should have personality;  and finally she believes that the blog should present useful information.  Phew - I'm only three attributes away...  ;)

Could you do more to cause a traffic accident?  I'm wondering if any of these "sign guys" (you've seen them, on the street corners, doing advertising for apartment locators, or tax help services, etc...) have ever caused a car to crash.  I have no problem imagining that this has happened, seeing how easily some drivers are distracted.  I wonder if you can take legal action against the people waving the signs, or against the company that is employing them, if this does occur.  Across the street from the backside of campus here at Texas State, the guy PLAYS A HORN while he's spinning the sign...  No potential danger here...

Could you at least get a button?  So three guys approach my post at work the other night, ready to proceed to the Veranda (our rooftop bar), and one of the young men is wearing a yellow post-it note (you can't make this stuff up) that says, "I'm 21 today..."  I comment on the post-it note (I don't remember what I said), and one of his friends says, "he's official."  I INSTANTLY snap off, "well YEAH..., if he's got a POST-IT NOTE..."  ;)

Could you give me possibly the best line that I've ever heard at work?  This happened on Saturday night, when two women who were close to my age approached me.  My friend Adam would guess that they were both twenty-one...  ;)  Anyway, I was very tired on Saturday, and I had my head leaning up against the wall where I was seated, and I was wearing my knee-sleeves, when one of the ladies says, "you look so broken and beat up..."  BA HA HA HA  You have to LOVE honesty...  :)

Have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow!

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