Monday, April 8, 2013

Louisville vs. Michigan, & Potluck

"Not sure if I should be proud of this or not, but our employee handbook had 37 new rules added since I started working here..." -@HallpassCanada- (via twitter)

"I have a *free* ticket for the Mets game today.  I'd have to leave in 38 minutes.  I am still in my pajamas.  And it's cold...  *tightens covers*" -@realdawnsummers- (via twitter)

"This garage sale is a bit odd, but I can't leave empty handed.  I'm torn between a left roller skate for 25 cents and a TV Guide from May '11... -@iAmDelFreaky- (via twitter)

"Trust is a small word with a big concept..." -@sweetg35- (via twitter)

"We should all start to live before we get old.  Fear is stupid and so are regrets..."
-@jkellar98- (via twitter)

Good morning everyone.  There's a lot going on here for a sleepy little Monday.  Four MLB games and the NCAA Men's National Basketball Championsip are being televised today and tonight, so I'll have something on the tube while I'm being productive...  I went to an amazing crawfish boil and also had some friends who participated in Austin's Capitol 10k yesterday.  I'll be reporting on those in some sort of fashion very soon.

Let's start by giving you the first standings update from my three fantasy baseball leagues.  If things go according to plan, you will be seeing these updates every Monday for the next six months.  I will give you the rank for the top three teams in each league (plus my team if it isn't part of this trio).  Yesterday I left a note on the message board for each of these leagues, so my new unknown friends should be aware of the fact that they have the opportunity to become famous - well..., Bikini Hill famous...  NOTE:  'Famous' and 'Bikini Hill Famous' will be synonymous before you know it...  ;)  I wake up to see that my little blog has now been viewed 30,738 times and I am truly baffled...  :P  I'm thinking that by the time I figure out how to recognize all of the people who I want to thank for helping Bikini Hill to hit the 30,000 milestone, the blog will have reached 35,000 views...  :)

League 1 (25 entry fee - 1st place 125, 2nd place 25)

1)  DraftDodgers                                  76.00
2)  Buschleaguers                                65.00
3)  The View From Bikini Hill        60.00

League 2 (50 entry fee - 1st place 300, 2nd place 50)

1)  Muchos Bravos                              72.50
2)  Breaking Bats                                 70.00
3)  The Bikini Hill Bobcats              63.50

League 3 (50 entry fee - 1st place 300, 2nd place 50)

1)  Nappy Heads                                   73.00
2)  Pearls of Pine Tar                         62.50
3)  EL VILLANO 4                              60.50
8)  The Bikini Hill Nine                     49.00

As you read over that, I know that you're thinking what I'm thinking right now:  WHY would you give your opponents the INCENTIVE of a mention in this awesome little blog each week?  They will NEVER stop trying now...  :)  (Yes, EVERYONE is thinking that)...  I don't know if I'm more surprised at having the pair of 3rd place teams, or at the team that is currently in 8th place.  My 8th place team is the one that has Kershaw, Strasburg, Weaver, Medlen, Lincecum, etc...  The offense on this team is decidely the worst of my three teams (on paper).  The bullpen on this team is also the worst of my three...  Like I said though, until the end of September we go, so we shall see...

So you're more interested in basketball you say...  Tonight is the night for the men hoopsters - Louisville versus Michigan.  I am 42-24 predicting games in this tournament (PUKE...).  HOWEVER, I am 5-1 picking the winners since the start of the Elite Eight (redemption?).  I had Louisville 79-72 over Wichita State on Saturday (Final:  Louisville 72-68).  I also had Michigan 77-74 over Syracuse (Final:  Michigan 61-56).  Yes, I overshot the scores a little bit, but I would have been 2-0 against the spread on Saturday (Louisville was favored by 11, Michigan by 2).  So you want a prediction for tonight, huh?

NCAA Tournament Championship Game
Louisville (34-5) vs. Michigan (31-7)
8:23 p.m. CST
The Georgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)

This promises to be a great game.  I have a hard time envisioning a blowout in this one.  Vegas has Louisville as a 4-point favorite, with the over/under set at 138.  I can tell you that my prediction will reflect the under.  I can also tell you that I am not disrespecting the team that I don't pick to win this game.  Both of these teams have had a great tournament.  The Cardinals have knocked off N.C. A&T (31), Colorado State (26), Oregon (8), Duke (22), and Wichita State (4).  The Wolverines have beaten South Dakota State (15), Virginia Commonwealth (25), Kansas (2), Florida (20), and Syracuse (5).  Awesome matchup, and I'm going with...

Louisville    68
Michigan     62

I hope that you have a great 'Championship Monday' (wouldn't Monday just be a better day of the week if it was always a 'Championship Monday'?) and I'll see you again tomorrow!

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