Friday, March 29, 2013

2013 Fantasy Baseball Draft Results - 3 Teams

Good afternoon everyone.  The first pitch of the 2013 Major League Baseball season is about 55 hours away (depending on when I hit the 'publish' button), so this seems like a good time to enter the results of my fantasy baseball drafts.  Each draft consisted of 28 rounds, and when I enter the players that I picked, I will show them in the spot that I selected them overall.  I'm just saying that if a player is the 3rd one listed on a given team, then I took him in the 3rd round (so I won't type a 3 by him, etc...).  All 3 of these teams will be competing in 10-team rotisserie leagues.  The 10 statistical categories being scored are HR, RBI, Batting Average, Runs, Steals, ERA, Wins, Saves, Strikeouts, and WHIP.  I just ignore the first 2 categories, and try to win the other 8.  I finished in 3rd place in a league with this format 2 years ago, and I was doing so badly last year that I gave up when I moved to Las Vegas at the start of August (and giving up isn't first nature to me - I was really doing THAT BAD)...  You're more than welcome to go back and read 'My 2012 Fantasy Baseball Draft/Strategy & Results' from the archives if you want a more in-depth discussion of my draft strategy, or if you simply enjoy trainwrecks and want to see the group of players who largely underperformed or found the injured list...  The average length of each of this year's drafts was about two hours.  This is the trio of teams that I will be fielding (initially anyway) during the upcoming season:

The View From Bikini Hill (Catchy name, I know...)

2) Trout (L.A. Angels) (OF)
19) Price (TB) (SP)
22) Kimbrel (ATL) (RP)
39) A. Gonzalez (L.A. Dodgers) (1st)
42) C. Lee (PHI) (SP)
59) Greinke (L.A. Dodgers) (SP)
62) Papelbon (PHI) (RP)
79) Halladay (PHI) (SP)
82) J. Zimmerman (WAS) (SP)
99) Nathan (TX) (RP)
102) I. Kennedy (AZ) (SP)
119) J. Peavy (CWS) (SP)
122) Street (SD) (RP)
139) Revere (PHI) (OF)
142) Victorino (BOS) (OF)
159) Montero (AZ) (C)
162) Aoki (MIL) (OF)
179) Werth (WAS) (OF)
182) De Aza (CWS) (OF)
199) Marte (PIT) (OF)
202) Crisp (OAK) (OF)
219) Arroyo (CIN) (SP)
222) Span (WAS) (OF)
239) J. Pacheco (COL) (UT)
242) Youkilis (NYY) (3rd)
259) A. Ramirez (CWS) (SS)
262) D. Murphy (NYM) (2nd)
279) B. Roberts (BAL) (2nd)

The Bikini Hill Nine

10) Kershaw (L.A. Dodgers) (SP)
11) Strasburg (WAS) (SP)
30) Kimbrel (ATL) (RP)
31) Weaver (L.A. Angels) (SP)
50) Goldschmidt (AZ) (1st)
51) Medlan (ATL) (SP)
70) Scherzer (DET) (SP)
71) Kipnis (CLE) (2nd)
90) Andrus (TX) (SS)
91) J. Johnson (BAL) (RP)
110) Lincecum (SF) (SP)
111) C.J. Wilson (L.A. Angels) (SP)
130) A. Escobar (KC) (SS)
131) Pagan (SF) (OF)
150) Victorino (BOS) (OF)
151) Freese (STL) (3rd)
170) Lynn (STL) (OF)
171) Revere (PHI) (OF)
190) Cishek (MIA) (RP)
191) Ichiro (NYY) (OF)
210) E. Cabrera (SD) (SS)
211) Storen (WAS) (RP)
230) Jay (STL) (OF)
231) Madson (PHI) (RP)
250) Montero (AZ) (C)
251) M. Young (PHI) (1st)
270) J. Pacheco (COL) (UT)
271) Blanco (SF) (OF)

The Bikini Hill Bobcats (Sensing a theme here?)

9) Verlander (DET) (SP)
12) C. Gonzalez (COL) (OF)
29) Kimbrel (ATL) (RP)
32) A. Gonzalez (L.A. Dodgers) (1st)
49) G. Gonzalez (WAS) (SP) (You can't have too many Gonzalez's...)
52) Greinke (L.A. Dodgers) (SP)
69) Halladay (PHI) (SP)
72) Motte (STL) (RP)
89) Moore (TB) (SP)
92) Romo (SF) (RP)
109) J. Johnson (BAL) (RP)
112) C.J. Wilson (L.A. Angels) (SP)
129) C. Gomez (MIL) (OF)
132) Lester (BOS) (SP)
149) Crawford (L.A. Dodgers) (OF)
152) A. Escobar (KC) (SS)
169) Lynn (STL) (SP)
172) Revere (PHI) (OF)
189) Pagan (SF) (OF)
192) Freese (STL) (3rd)
209) Montero (AZ) (C)
212) Aybar (L.A. Angels) (SS)
229) E. Cabrera (SD) (SS)
232) Y. Alonzo (SD) (1st)
249) D. Murphy (NYM) (2nd)
252) Infante (DET) (2nd)
269) Marte (PIT) (OF)
272) J. Pacheco (COL) (UT)

 PHEW...  That will give you something to look at while you're marveling at my wonderful NCAA tourney picks.  Yep, Coach went 13-2 in the Sweet 16 last year, and 1-3 in the same round last night...  :P  And yes Pete, I've picked against Syracuse the last two times and have been wrong (I'll have more for you later)...  ;) I will be back tomorrow with my Elite Eight picks for tomorrow and Sunday.  Have a great day everyone!


  1. I don't get it.
    what is all that stuff up there?
    I don't recognize any of those names - none.

    Trout was pretty cool though. You went fishing?

    Need more Hockey Coverage.
    Pens have won 14 straight you know :)

  2. Based on last year's results, I don't get all that stuff up there either... ;)

    WEAK fishing joke...

    I'll predict the hockey soon (if I remember)- I heard that I was right on my injury prediction though (bunches of them due to the shortened schedule). Nice to see that Pittsburgh has a team that is winning at something, eh? The Steelers need to draft REALLY WELL...

  3. I see you are using the pitching strategy again. Let us know how it works out.

    1. Yep - we'll see if any of my friends will go to games and personally jinx my players this year (not mentioning any names)... I've made it about three times as difficult to injure my players this year... :)