Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Could You? (25)

"@coachatx just said, "I felt special when those two girls came and said hi to me, and didn't say hi to you Tim"..." -@MrHawkins11- (via twitter)

"The sign, that I couldn't read, or a light, that I couldn't see, some things, you have to believe, but others are puzzles, puzzling me..." -Coldplay- (Speed Of Sound)

"I don't know what a carb is, but it sounds good.  I want one..." -Ebonie Landrum- (via facebook)

"Tell me what, is this thing, that I feel, like I'm missing, and why can't I let it go?"
-Stacie Orrico- (More To Life)

"Ahhhh..., they were just playing the Super Mario theme song in Starbucks!!"
-@PaigeHutch3- (via twitter)

Could you talk about someone who is almost as shameless about trying to get into the blog as Alyssa and Gabby Coach?  Sure I can, and good morning everyone...  Oh, and by the way Alyssa and Melanie, I still use that Bobcat "tumbler" EVERY DAY (it's the biggest cup that I have..., you know...).  :)  Okay, so back to the shameless people...  I was talking to Texas State's recently graduated football star Tim again this past weekend at Veranda.  I brought up the topic of all of the positions that he played on offense for the Bobcats (Tim's versatility at the skill positions was discussed in a recent post here), and Tim said that after starting out as a wide receiver, he was put in at running back after an injury to one of the starters.  The coaches basically told him that he was just as good as anyone else that the team had at the position (that sounds like a RINGING ENDORSEMENT I told Tim).  :)  Anyway, the same thing happened later on after the starting quarterback was injured.  Alright..., now everything that I just typed..., none of it was going to be in the blog today if that was the whole story.  I basically told Tim, "I wish that I would have known all of that when I wrote about you before - I could have put it in the blog..."  Now as we're speaking, girls are just COMING OUT OF THE WOODWORK to say hi to Tim (he played every offensive skill position on the football team - WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT that football players would be popular?)...  :)  I actually asked Tim if he had like 50,000 friends on facebook.  He then told me that he did get requests ALL THE TIME, and that he probably had like 500 that he hadn't acted on yet (which I honestly believed).  Then Tim SHOWED ME on his phone, scrolling through SCREEN AFTER SCREEN of requests that he had received and hadn't taken action on - and you LAUGHED when I said that I was good at reading people/situations...  PFFFTTT!!!  ;)  Now if you read the opening tweet of this entry, you should already know that the best part of this story occurred when two of my friends, Natalie and Kate, came up to me and said hi, and they DIDN'T say hi to Tim..., didn't even know him AT ALL I don't think...  :)  And sure enough, as soon as he tweeted about that with my "name" in it, BAM!, Tim's in the blog again...  :P  Congratulations again to all three of these recent graduates - both Natalie and Kate have moved on to Houston to begin their new careers, and Tim currently has his sights set on staying here in the San Marcos, America area, which is obviously a good move (non-move???).  ;)

Could you find a way to work Gabby's name into another segment, while including Maureen and addressing a serious subject?  Wow, you people ask for A LOT...  Okay, this was something that I meant to mention in yesterday's entry.  So I assisted in saving the woman from drowning on Sunday, and about fifteen minutes later, I walked over to Bikini Hill to get a drink of my ice water.  Then I got back into the river and noticed that there were two lifeguards sitting and chatting by the second set of steps leading into the river (the first set being the steps closest to the bridge/street).  I stood up (the water is like three feet deep there) and asked them if they were being employed by the park, of if they were working a special function, etc... (it wasn't obvious like it was when Gabby and Maureen had their 200 "Cat Campers" there on a slow day - instead, this was a busy Sunday, and the group being watched MAY HAVE been comprised of 20 people).  That's when I interjected that since both of them were sitting there, that one of them might want to think about watching the area with the deeper water, and I informed them that not much earlier we had saved a couple of people from drowning...  They told me that there was another lifeguard "over there" (he was actually located at the next set of steps, which is maybe twenty yards from where this pair was sitting).  This guard's location left him about another FIFTY YARDS from where we saved the mother and child who flipped the tube, and a footbridge crossing the river probably obstructed the view of all of these lifeguards, based on where they were positioned (I'm also assuming this because none of them came to assist when the tube flipped, and probably were unaware that it had happened).  Well anyway, the two guards that I spoke with just resumed chatting...  Yeah..., let's guard the water that's 3 feet deep, and not worry about the water that's 10 feet deep with the stronger currents.  Very disappointing...

Could you mention something else that you forgot to address yesterday?  Sure...  :)  When I told the story about seeing my friend Alvin for the first time in twenty-seven years, I neglected to mention the fact that we went to high school in New Hampshire - that's NEW HAMPSHIRE...  So when we saw each other again for the first time in over a quarter of a century in TEXAS...  Well, that probably would have added something to it, huh?  ;)

Could you vent a little more Coach, and tell us about something that you find completely stupid (that would be "silly" for you youngsters out there, right Amy?).  :)  This topic happens to have even greater relevance to me now that I play fantasy baseball...  For you baseball fans out there, WHO is the genius that came up "defensive indifference?"  This is one of my biggest baseball pet peeves, so I may have blogged about this before...  For those of you who are unaware of what I'm talking about (Miletus :) ), defensive indifference occurs when a baserunner steals a base, but he IS NOT CREDITED with the steal because the defense did not try to throw him out.  It's obvious that the defense does not want the runner to have the extra base, but because they don't have a chance of throwing the runner out, they're concentrating on the batter, WHATEVER..., they don't make an attempt.  This rule makes about as much sense as when a girl breaks up with a guy (or vice versa), and the guy is like, "Well, she didn't really break up with me...  I didn't really like her anyway, or it never would have worked out in the long run, or (insert her alleged character flaws here)..."  YES, she DID break up with you, and IT IS a stolen base!  Oh, and YES, this rule DID cost one of my fantasy players a stolen base a few nights ago, which is the reason that you just suffered through that paragraph...  :)

Could you be more dramatic?  This year's Main Event of the World Series of Poker is currently underway, so I thought that I would include this little bit of insight...  I was watching the telecast of last year's Main Event a few nights ago, and Lon McEachern is just always SO HYPED UP about the hands that are being played out.  Lon is kind of like the Fox News of poker...  There was as open-ended "Broadway draw" (the player had 10 J Q K, and needed an ace or a 9 to make a straight and win the hand).  When the river was turned over, Lon exclaimed, "it's the SIX OF CLUBS!!!"  Of course, that river was a TOTAL BLANK - I'm sorry, I just think it's funny...  :)

I hope that you have a great day and I'll see you again on Thursday!


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