Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Could You? (28)

"I seek to cure what's deep inside, frightened of this thing that I've become..., it's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you, there's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do..."
-Toto- (Africa)

Could you please, PLEASE, not say anything to Alyssa about this?...  Good evening everyone.  For most of this year, my average pageviews per day here at Bikini Hill have been sitting at right around 105.  As I begin writing this brief entry for you, 161 people have clicked in to see what's happening here since I published last night's entry...  Yeah..., that's only about a FIFTY PERCENT INCREASE over my normal viewership - I can only IMAGINE what would happen if we had to make 'Alyssa's Corner' a normal part of the blog...  Stories about the Houston Texans, tales from Abilene, interviews with Belle the Cat...  MERP...  :O

Could you please tell us how you stepped up and saved the day?  Sure...  :)  This is from my friend Jenn's facebook page today (and YES, I'm still being REALLY CRIMINAL-LIKE stealing almost all of my blog material as the moving clock to Austin counts down)...:  "Frank (her boyfriend) on baby photos:  How can they caption 'having a good day?'  It's a baby just laying there.  How the hell can it be having a good day?"  The instant I saw this, I replied..., "Have you ever heard of anyone having a bad day just laying around?..."  ;)  And it remains a mystery as to why I've still never performed any stand-up comedy...

Could you now tell us about how someone really stepped up and saved the day?  Yeah..., okay...  :)  This is from my friend Leanne's facebook page from earlier in the week (YES, I'm STILL stealing everything)...:  "So that's not how my cardio was supposed to go..."  You see, evidently Leanne was walking..., well..., CHASING a couple of SIXTY POUND German Shepherds for almost an hour on Sunday because she didn't bring a leash to the house with her.  Since she didn't have a leash, Leanne had to DRAG both of the dogs home.  Now I coached Leanne in softball 100 years ago (you saw it coming that time, right?) when she was a freshman in high school, and it's still very easy for me to picture her as the prototypical speedy leadoff hitter...  Leanne also measures ALL OF 5'3" (which I think she exaggerated for this story)...  :P, and I can just imagine those German Shepherds looking at her like, "yeah..., SHE'S not dragging us back..."  However, this IS the same Leanne that I've bragged about here in the blog before, who has been VERY DEDICATED to a workout regimen and diet that is preparing her for bodybuilding competitions (or superhero crimefighting)...  :)  These are the most recent photos that I've seen of Leanne, which were posted today...


Those poor German Shepherds never had a chance...  ;)

I hope that you have a good one and I'll see you again tomorrow night!

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