Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Remember The First Time (25)

"Halloween 1996:  I was a tomato.  Why my parents allowed this is beyond me.  #thatkid #ivebeencoolallmylife" -@GiselieMo- (via twitter)

"Know what you're thinkin', 'cause I've been there myself, I've been kicked so many times, I don't know nothin' else..." -Night Ranger- (Sentimental Street)

"If you call me sweetheart, baby, babe, or baby girl, chances are that I probably won't talk to you again... #MyNameIsAlyssa #HatePetNames" -@Uhh_lee_suhh- (via twitter)

"Maybe redemption has stories to tell, maybe forgiveness is right where you fell, where can you run to escape from yourself?" -Switchfoot- (Dare You To Move)

"I'm just really thankful for ten minute slow snail moving trains... #myfavorite #takeyourtime #ilikewaiting" -@PaigeHutch3- (via twitter)

I remember the first time that I was almost killed at the river (and no jokes here my friends, this is a true story)...  So yesterday I'm at the river, hanging out at the ladder where I've been pushing tubers, assisting swimmers in reaching the ladder, and helping to save lives...  I was the only person in the water in that area, and I was looking up the river toward Bikini Hill when I heard a small "plunk..."  This noise sounded like somebody had thrown a small rock into the river, and that it probably entered the water at least five yards from me.  If I had been prudent, I would have climbed the ladder to find the guilty party, but I assumed that it was a one time thing...  A couple of beats later, I heard a BIG "WOOOOOSH...," and again, I didn't see what hit the water, but this time it sounded like it landed only a couple of yards away from me, at the MOST...  I INSTANTLY went up the ladder, saying "HEY!"  I was greeted by an apology from Frisbee Dan, who said that he didn't know that anybody was in the water.  My SNAP REPLY was that he couldn't just throw stuff into the water without looking.  Fast forward to about twenty minutes later, when I was walking on the back edge of the basketball court toward Bikini Hill, and a couple of kids stopped me.  They brought up what had happened earlier, and said that they had no idea that he was going to throw this huge rock into the water.  Then I asked them exactly how big the rock was...  One of them held up their hands, to show me that this..., BOULDER was about 15 inches long and 9 inches wide, indicating that this was a "Coach would have had a REALLY BAD DAY if it would have hit him in the head" type of rock...  This guy said that they had no idea that Frisbee Dan was going to throw the second rock into the water, and that when he realized what was going on, he started going, "whoa..., Whoa..., WHOA!...," all to no avail...  Again people, before you jump or decide to throw boulders into the river, please check to see if anyone is in the water first...

I remember the first time that I had a better story to tell from the river yesterday...  This kid MIGHT HAVE BEEN about ten years old...  This guy comes floating over toward the ladder yesterday when he EXCLAIMS, "HEY..., THERE'S CRAWFISH IN THIS THING!"  :)

I remember the first time that I plugged some new blogs here..., again...  :)  Okay, in the past week or so, I have now added three blogs to my link list over to the right, so let me point them out.  'Honu Honi' is Julie Pierce's (hey, you two are using your full names now on your blogs and on twitter, so I realized that I can too...) new blog at  Julie has been giving a day-by-day account of her move to Maui, and she is only now just beginning the second week of her blog, so you can still catch up.  Her husband Scott (the person at fault for me having a blog) has also started a new blog called 'My Maui Life' (guess where he's going to be moving also) located at  Scott is packing up the rest of what is in Las Vegas, and he will be joining his wife in paradise shortly.  The newest new blog that I'm touting today is being written by Alison (yes, famous Alison of 'she is the outgoing Vice President of the Student Body at Texas State University' Alison).  :)  Alison's blog, 'Stories From My Suitcase' can be found at  Alison's first "real-world" job finds her working as a Collegiate Leadership Consultant for her sorority, which will have her traveling all over the country to college campuses this year (tough gig, right?).  Alison just barely completed her first blog entry last night, so it won't take you long to catch up here either...  :)  You will always be able to find all of these links over to the right also, so you won't have to keep returning to this specific page of my blog.

I remember the first time that I not only plugged new blogs, but also stole a complete paragraph from one of them while doing so...  Job hunting is personally a very relevant topic to me right now, and here are some encouraging words on the subject that Julie wrote:  "If there is one thing I learned in Vegas, it's that everybody is hiring, all the time... for the right person.  Just because someone says they aren't hiring doesn't mean they won't give you a job.  If they believe you are a good fit for their business, you will get hired."  Very timely words Mrs. Pierce, very timely...  ;)

I remember the first time that I ripped off somebody's blog that I plugged in the past...  So recently on Lucki Duck's blog 'Small Potatoes Poker and Sports Betting', he posted a photo of a receipt from a Dairy Queen that one of his friends had forwarded to him.  The last item on the receipt was "Free Water,", and the charge was obviously..., ummm..., are you serious???, TWENTY-FIVE CENTS...  Again people, you can't make this stuff up...  :)

I remember the first time that somebody made me feel like I was a hundred years old...  So when I was up at the Veranda recently, I ran into my friend Caroline.  Because I'm the clever person that I am, I started singing, "Sweet Caroline..., DUN DUN DUN..."  Then I said to her that she must get that all the time, to which Caroline replied, "no one ever sings that to me..."  PUNK...  :)

I remember the first time that I knew somebody who knew somebody that's famous...  A few years ago, I remember my friend Lacy having a facebook conversation with this guy named Chris Davis.  Well..., Davis was playing for the Texas Rangers at the time, and very recently he was the leading vote-getter in the American League for the Major League All-Star Game.  I think that Davis finished as the AL leader in votes, but I won't promise you that he did...  Not only did Lacy go to high school with Davis, but she also went to school with Josh Scobee, who is the placekicker for the Jacksonville Jaguars (yeah, it's not as glamorous as playing for the Orioles is right now, but you do what you can)...  :)  Okay, so really quick, besides me, who is the most famous person that you know?  ;)

I remember the first time that I segued in this blog..., EVER...  So, you brought up football Coach - WHEN is the football season going to start?  I did a little bit of investigating last night, and this season's first college football game will be played on Thursday, August 29th, when South Carolina hosts North Carolina.  This season's first NFL matchup will take place on Thursday, September 5th, when the Denver Broncos host the Baltimore Ravens.  As I have for the last two seasons, I will be making weekly predictions on games once the season begins, and I also plan on giving some other random football predictions before that time.  Stay tuned...  :)

I hope that you have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow!



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