Friday, July 12, 2013

Spending The Day In Austin

"And I play it off but I'm dreaming of you, and I'll keep my cool but I'm, finding, I try to say goodbye and I choke, I try to walk away and I stumble, though I try to hide it, it's clear, my world crumbles when you are not near..." -Macy Gray- (I Try)

"And all of your weight, all you dream, falls on me, it falls on me, and your beautiful sky, the light you bring, falls on me, it falls on me..." -Fuel- (Falls On Me)

"Your presence still lingers here, and it won't leave me alone, these wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just too real, there's just too much that time cannot erase..." -Evanescence- (My Immortal)

Good morning everyone.  As advertised, I'm going to be spending the day in Austin, so you are seeing a super early post today.  Not only that, but I'm cheating in the sense that I didn't even write this.  I was told that I could use these words as an "official review" of my blog.  These very kind words were left as a comment on my facebook page, and come from someone who has followed Bikini Hill from its infancy...

"I had to get caught up so I just read "This Starts Now" and "Could You?" back-to-back.  Your blog has always been such a great way for me to relax after a long day at work.  ;)  I especially enjoy hearing the songs in my head to go along with the lyrics you post...  These last two posts are probably my most favorite so far.  I swear you've become an even better writer.  You're so damn witty!  I lol'ed so many times and the "100 years" gets me EVERY time.  Then, when you were blabbering on about fantasy baseball and practically read my mind I almost peed!  To top things off, you then proceeded to teach me something.  I now know what "defensive indifference" is (it actually sounds more like a relationship issue to me).  Given the VERY little I know about sports, I also think DI is stupid (silly?).  I always thought stealing bases was one of the biggest parts of the game.  Why bother if folks are indifferent?  ("Folks" would be the opposing team, right Coach?)" -Miletus Ogden Borne-

Miletus probably didn't expect this review to show up here, but I sincerely appreciate the fact that she even took the time to write it, let alone the kindness of its contents...  I'm sure that Miletus will enjoy TO NO END the fact that I'm posting her comments on a Friday, the day of the week that will be reserved almost solely for football predictions and banter in the coming months.  :)

I hope that you have a great weekend and I'll see you again on Monday!

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