Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Remember The First Time (26)

"I don't know what's worth fighting for, or why I have to scream, but now I have some clarity, to show you what I mean..." -Linkin Park- (Breaking The Habit)

"What concert costs 45 cents?  50 cent, featuring Nickelback..." -via Nick Kass- (via facebook)

"Then in a moment, my head starts spinning, around in a circle, no end or beginning, and just when I think that, the whole world is turning, I open my eyes and, discover the light that's been burning down..., but this man stands his ground, and when it comes to death, I'll fight for every breath..." -The Outfield- (Taking My Chances)

"You got a Texas I.D.?..." -Texas Union employee- (The University of Texas at Austin)

"I really don't mind, what happens now and then, as long as you'll be my friend at the end..." -Three Doors Down- (Kryptonite)

I remember the first time that I've been using this theme for half a year already...  Time does fly by, so don't waste a minute people (except for reading my blog of course)...  ;)  That horrible concert joke up there (yeah, I'm really sorry)..., well that comes to you via my friend Nick, who used to use the line, "I remember the first time" ALL THE TIME at work, and is the person that I ripped off this theme idea from (so blame him).  Twenty-six weeks ALREADY...  :O

I remember the first time that I did a blog entry that was HEAVILY LOADED with tidbits revolving around the University of Texas at Austin...  Okay..., well you've probably already noticed that I changed the colors of the blog for this special occasion, so let's get started...

I remember the first time that a young person had a really bad idea...  So I was walking on the UT campus last week when I encountered a group of what looked to be about twenty-five middle school students...  I've told you about the squirrels that are on campus once already (and surely will many more times in the future).  Well, one of these squirrels was running around in a small chained off area surrounding a tree when the group of young tourists happened upon it.  One of the students piped-up, "it's got a chicken nugget!"  As I've said before, these squirrels are NOT SHY, and they will actually approach you in many instances for food because they've been fed by the people on campus so often.  Then, as the squirrel started running up the tree (and here's the "typical" middle school student part of the story), out of nowhere, one of the kids exclaimed, "THROW SOMETHING AT IT!"...  :)  Sorry, but I'm just smiling because nobody actually threw anything at the dining squirrel, and the spontaneity of the remark just KILLED ME...  :P

I remember the first time that I was waiting for the bus on West Campus...  This happened about a week ago also, when I was walking near the intersection of 24th Street and San Gabriel for those of you who are familiar with the stretch of land west of the Forty Acres.  I was about to walk to campus when I saw the bus stopped at the traffic light on the Cuatro's (restaurant) side of 24th Street.  I was across the street on the laundry mat side, and I turned and looked behind me to see how far back the next bus stop was.  I almost immediately decided that I wouldn't be able to beat the bus there, so I turned right and started to step down 24th Street toward campus when I heard a horn.  When I looked up, the bus driver was motioning for me to cross to the other side of San Gabriel (which I did), and when the traffic light turned green, the bus crossed 24th and he stopped and picked me up, where there WASN'T EVEN A BUS STOP...  :)  After thanking him, I told him how that was a great read on his part, because he obviously figured out everything that I just told you by watching me (knowing that I wanted the bus, how I didn't think that I could get back to the stop in time, that I had just decided to walk instead, etc...).  VERY NICE gesture...

I remember the first time that this bus driver had a sense of humor...  So when we reached the library on campus, the bus stopped to drop off and pick up.  As we were about to resume the route, more potential passengers approached the bus from the street (a crosswalk runs across the street in front of the bus stop) and from the door side of the bus.  As soon as the pedestrians cleared the crosswalk, the driver put his foot on the gas like he was taking off again.  The three people wanting to board the bus looked on IN TERROR as they realized that they would have to wait for the next bus to come around (and the West Campus route is a BIG..., HUGE..., ENORMOUS rectangle).  Then, just as suddenly as he had tapped the gas pedal, the bus driver opened the door and allowed these late passengers to board...  :)

I remember the first time that I ran into one of my old friends on campus...  Earlier this week I stopped by the Taco Bell at the Texas Union and chatted up my friend Evangelina.  I might have stopped by the Taco Bell once or twice for lunch when I lived in Austin a couple of years ago (yeah, just once or twice)...  :P  Anyway, while I was speaking with Evangelina, I learned that she just celebrated her 34th wedding anniversary and her 32nd year with Taco Bell, including her 6th as the general manager of the location at the Texas Union.  Don't you just hate showoffs???  ;)

I remember the first time that somebody asked me a question...  I was relaxing on the third level of the Texas Union earlier this week (probably eating some Taco Bell) when an university employee asked me, "you got a Texas I.D.?"  I was kind of surprised by the question, but I shot back a "Yeah..."  I didn't even realize it at the time, but the third level of the Texas Union is reserved for students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin.  And I just told you that I had an I.D...  C'mon..., think about it..., process it..., you can figure it out...  YES, that's right, I got a job this week at the University of Texas at Austin!!!  :)  You KNEW that I didn't go to the trouble of changing the colors of the blog for no reason (I'm just too lazy)...  ;)  In the very near future (tomorrow?) I envision a blog entry that will give you many more details about how all of this happened, but I am working on the Forty Acres once again, and I have been since Wednesday (and it was SO HARD keeping it a secret)...  :)  I honestly didn't have the time to write a full blog entry until today, and I haven't even made this news "facebook official" or tweeted about it yet.  Actually, it was only last night that I took a victory lap around the Square to let my friends in on the good news.  Anyway, there's the reason that you haven't seen a real blog post from me for the past few days (due to my new work schedule).  Like I said, I will give you more details tomorrow, and at that time we'll figure out my blog schedule for the next couple of weeks.  Have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow!



  1. Thank you lightning, and patience..., patience... :) This won't be like the job that I had on the Square though, where the funny stories were coming to you directly from work. HOWEVER, Austin gives me just A LITTLE broader scope to work with than San Marcos, America... ;)