Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Could You? (26)

"Walking like a newborn baby giraffe in 6 inch stilettos...  Gotta love leg day!!!"
-Leanne Calderon- (via twitter)

"For your kindness I'm in, debt to you, and I never could have come, this far without you, for everything you've done, you know I'm bound, I'm bound to thank you for it..."
-Natalie Merchant- (Kind And Generous)

"You can never trust a drug addict..." -Breaking Bad-

"There's twenty-four reasons, to admit that I'm wrong, with all my excuses, still twenty-four strong..." -Switchfoot- (Twenty-Four)

"Young people don't know anything, especially that they're young..." -Mad Men-

Could you please have some patience with me?  Good evening everyone.  Here I am, following up my super early Monday post with my super, super late Tuesday post...  My posting times may become a little erratic in the next few weeks as I prepare to move, actually move, and then get settled in, so please have some patience with me...  And yeah, I'm bound to thank you for it...  ;)

Could you check your calendars again please?  Can you believe it???  This is the 26th 'Could You' entry, meaning that this is a half-year of this theme.  In case no one has ever told you, time FLIES...

Could you be talking about me?  I visited my former workplace Harper's again over the weekend, and spoke with my friend Justin for a few minutes.  In another conversation investigating "Where's Coach?..., Where's that guy who's always in the hall?..., Where's blah, blah, blah?...," a customer told Justin, "he's always happy..."  My response (predictably) was, "I guess they've never read my blog..."  ;)

Could you tell us about someone who wasn't happy?  Okay, so over the past weekend at the river, some guys (high school students for the most part I would guess) were jumping into the water and doing cannonballs, etc..., to splash the tubers as they passed by.  To be honest, this has not been an unusual occurrence at the river over the past few weeks, and I've just been waiting for an angry splashed tuber to get out and kick the *&#% out of one of these little geniuses...  Anyway, a couple of college-aged girls and a guy went floating by, got splashed, and one of the girls turned toward him and DEMANDED TO KNOW, "WHERE'S YOUR MOM?!"  She also informed this splasher that if he ever soaked them again, that she would kick the &%@*#! %*&@ out of him.  PRICELESS...  :)

Could you tell us some more about the tubers?  So a group of four college-aged girls comes floating by with their tubes roped together, when the young lady who was doing the paddling addresses the group, telling them that she's "The Paddlemaster" (presumably because no one else was helping).  Unfortunately, this "paddlemaster" kept steering the group into EVERY SINGLE DEAD SPOT in the river alongside the basketball court at Sewell...  :P

Could you tell us about a great trip to the outlet malls?  I went to the San Marcos Outlet Malls located along I-35 (if you haven't heard of them, you might be the only one) specifically to buy some jeans.  First I went into Old Navy, where I saw a stack of jeans that I thought that I'd like (which also fit me) marked at $24.99.  There were a couple of pairs in my size, 84 x 34 (hey, losing weight isn't easy)...  ;)  Anyway, I noticed that the first pair had on orange tag on it, pricing the jeans at $12.99.  I then picked up the second pair, and sure enough, they were also marked down to $12.99.  Having found the only pairs in my size, I took them up to the register, where they rang up at $9.99.  Have you ever felt like you won a small lottery?  :)

Have a great day tomorrow, and I'll try to get you a Thursday post sometime around Thursday...  ;)

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