Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Could You? (29)

"I believe there is nothing stopping us from embracing our dreams and creating the lives we wish to live..." -@jasminee70- (via twitter)

"Cause it's too cold..., for you here, and now, so let me hold..., both your hands, in, the holes of my sweater..." -Sweater Weather- (The Neighbourhood)

"It's always 'Shark Week' if you're a shark..." -@Etzel44Miller- (via twitter)

Could you post a little bit later Coach, BARELY fitting your entry into the confines of Tuesday?  Good evening everyone...  :)  I'm not saying that moving yesterday in the 102 degree heat from an apartment on the second floor to another apartment on the second floor was tiring, but somebody might have taken a 4-hour nap right after they got home from work today...  Might have..., PFFFFFT...  I CRASHED!  :P

Could you tell us why you're posting the lyrics of the song 'Sweater Weather' when it's over 100 degrees every day in the ATX?...  Wishful thinking???  :)  That's the song that was stuck in my head as I just went for a little walk on West Campus.  NO, I'm not walking for the exercise after yesterday.  I was searching for some of those little yellow potassium boosters (that would be 'bananas' for you lay people)...  Anyway, the closest convenience store to me hasn't opened its doors yet, and the one halfway to campus was out.  I actually made it through last night and today without eating a banana after all of that physical exertion yesterday, although I did drink PLENTY of fluids in the aftermath of the move (and I'm now 2 slices away from finishing 2 medium pizzas that were delivered just under 23 hours ago)...  :)

Could you tell us about your patience yesterday Coach?  I SWEAR (pun intended) that I swore more yesterday than I have since..., well..., I can't remember the last time that I swore that much.  Three round trips between San Marcos and Austin, and then add in another one-way trip.  Dealing with all of that traffic...  I kid you not, as I was returning to San Marcos on the back end of trip number three, I got behind an older gentlemen driving FIVE MILES AN HOUR in front of the Chick Fil A on M.L.K., like he was in a parade, or part of a vehicular tour of the restaurant...  UGGGGHHHH...

Could you tell us how you REALLY FEEL about the traffic in Austin Coach?  This line is from Patrick Swayze's character Bodhi in the movie 'Point Break' (one of my personal favorites for several reasons):  "We are here to show those guys that are inching their way on the freeways in their metal coffins that the human spirit is still alive..."  I could NEVER have a job that forced me to sit in rush hour traffic (if I ever have to commute again, I would do what I did for the last few weeks, and leave super early for work while waiting for the evening traffic to die down)...  Did I tell you that I WALKED to work today, and returned home on the campus bus?...  :D  Believe me, if I can get to something that is going on in Austin without driving, then I won't be driving...  ;)

Could you please forgive me?  I'm going to cut this entry just a little short because I still have a ton of unpacking to do, but I will be back again on Thursday, and football will be weaving its way into these entries VERY, VERY SOON...  :)  Have a great day and I'll see you again on Thursday!



  1. Commuting blows! I have a 23.2 mile commute, and fortunately it's against the traffic or I'd be more of a mental patient than I already am.

  2. Oh, I was one for the last three weeks Linda Lou. I like how you put that your commute is EXACTLY 23.2 miles also... ;)