Thursday, August 29, 2013

NCAA Kickoff 13-14/Wk. 1 Picks


Good evening everyone (again)...  :)  If you're here looking for my 'I Remember The First Time (32)' post, I published that just a few short hours ago, and you'll find it right before this entry.  If you came here because you're excited that we're starting the 2013-2014 football season, then you're in EXACTLY THE RIGHT PLACE!  :)  As I promised you previously, we have SEVERAL celebrity experts giving you their picks on this weekend's Texas and Texas State football games, and my co-pilot Alyssa is making her official debut tonight with 'Alyssa's Corner.'  OH..., and I'll be making some predictions on this weekend's games for you also.  The celebrity expert picks are new to the blog this year, and I think that they'll add something to it.  On August 23rd I created 'Coach's Hall of Fame' - if you look back to that entry, it is a webpage dedicated solely to those football psychics who are able to correctly predict the exact score of any of the football games that I invite them to prognosticate.  You don't have to look back there right now (there are no names there yet) since these are the first games to be played since I created the H.O.F. a whole six days ago...  ;)  And YES Alyssa, our picks are eligible to get our names into the H.O.F...  And we're off and running...

Saturday, August 31st - Texas Longhorns vs. New Mexico State Aggies

Texas  47-13     James Schleicher - Publisher, Horns Illustrated Magazine
Texas  62-13     Pete Wyatt - My Brother, 1st Official Blog Follower
Texas  42-17     @audrybabe - UT Fan
Texas  32-10     Courtney & Rene Mendoza - All About Vapor
Texas  45-13     Zane Butter - UT Student
Texas  41-17     Clay Mealy - UT Student
Texas  54-10     Hunter Harvin - UT Student
Texas  51-3      @NotUfatJesus - UT Fan
Texas  38-3      Peyton McDonough - UT Student
Texas  49-3      Blake Smith - UT Student (Couldn't read fraternity name - contact me to fix)
Texas  69-0      Clay Alexander - UT Student

Saturday, August 31st - Texas State Bobcats @ Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles

Bobcats  21-12     Daniel Guerrero - Mayor of San Marcos, Texas
Bobcats  26-24     Tim Hawkins - Former Bobcat Football Standout
Bobcats  35-34     George Garcia - G.M., Bobcat Nation Sports Bar & Grill
Bobcats  28-24     Natalie Berko - Texas State Alum @NatalieBerko
Bobcats  30-24     Alvin Canady - Former Bobcat & Rattler Football Standout
Bobcats  38-21     Alyssa Lesa - Sam's Warehouse Accounting Associate
Bobcats  34-21     Ashley Brannan - Texas State Alum
Bobcats  27-17     Scott Slovacek - @Scott_slov
Bobcats  23-21     Lauren Meckel - Superfly's Lone Star Music Emporium/Texas State Alum
Bobcats  27-17     Nick Kass - Harper's/Slackers/The Veranda
So. Miss  33-14    Gabby Contreras - Texas State Student/Chi Omega/@owlsandpearls

And Gabby's prediction was IMMEDIATELY followed by this:  "DISCLAIMER:  I know almost nothing about football and my prediction does in no way, shape, or form represent my pride for Texas State and all of its athletic organizations..."

Yes Alyssa, that's your "little" that made that pick...  :O  Way to stick to your guns Gabby!  ;)  And now it's time (you can mark this as the moment that the blog went downhill)...  Actually, this will be remembered as the moment that the blog's readership began to increase EXPONENTIALLY, leading to Alyssa's eventual takeover.  Welcome to Alyssa's Corner...

Hello blog readers!  Coach has finally given in and has given me a spot in the blog.  I am a recent Texas State Alum and am barely surviving adulthood.  Being a big girl has been exhausting, but I was fortunate enough to get offered a job the day after I graduated.  I now live in Abilene, Texas, a town that's the complete opposite of San Marcos.  The worst thing about this town is that it's swarming with Cowboys fans, which for a diehard Texans fan is positively painful.  If I knew I was moving to "Cowboy Country," then maybe I would have reconsidered taking my job here.  Haha.  Every week I will be giving my predictions on the Texas State Bobcats, the Texas Longhorns, and the Houston Texans football games.  The Texans are playing tonight against the Cowboys in their last preseason game.  I'm excited to see what my team will do this year!  The Bobcats are playing at Southern Mississippi, and I am predicting a score of 31-20 Bobcats.  I'm also predicting that the Longhorns will beat New Mexico State 45-10.  Have a nice weekend!


And now it's my turn...  :O  It's pretty scary having to pick the outcomes of the Week 1 games, with no prior scores to use as a baseline, but since that's the situation, I've decided to include a lot of this week's primetime games in my plays.  But before I get ahead of myself, let me give you my predictions on the games of local interest.  My alma mater is currently an 8 1/2 point underdog at Southern Miss., but they were a 40-plus point underdog at Houston last year if I remember correctly, so I'm going with the Bobcats 33-27.  The Longhorns are currently favored by as many as 43 points over the Aggies of New Mexico State, and anytime that Texas has the opportunity to crush Aggies, they're going to jump at the chance.  I'm going with 62-10 Texas in that one...  Oh, and just because this is my sidekick's first official post, I'm going to carry over the Texans color-theme here in the blog for one more week.  Alyssa didn't tell you, but she had a bet on tonight's Texans/Cowboys preseason game (yeah, I know).  But hey, the Houston subs won the game and she didn't have to wear a Cowboys jersey, so congratulations Alyssa!  :)

Coach's Ten Best Bets of the Week:

Notre Dame (-29 1/2) vs. Temple - C'mon, you're hosting TEMPLE...
Ohio/Louisville (Under 58 1/2) - The Cards return 10 starters on defense...
Nebraska (-29 1/2) vs. Wyoming - C'mon Huskers, your defense should score...
Florida State/Pittsburgh (Over 49 1/2) - That number just strikes me as being low...
Kentucky (-4 1/2) @ Western Kentucky - The Wildcats are still in the SEC, right???
Washington State/Auburn (Over 60 1/2) - Leach team against the Tigers (did someone just score?)
Washington (-3 1/2) vs. Boise State - Please eliminate Boise from title talk in 1st game...
Georgia/Clemson (Under 72) - That would be a lot of points in a Bulldogs game...
Florida (-23) vs. Toledo - Muschamp's defense is due to start shining, right?
Ohio State (-34 1/2) vs. SUNY-Buffalo - Meyer's Buckeyes should light it up...

And there you go - one football entry in the books, and the Super Bowl is right around the corner...  ;)  I hope that you have an outstanding weekend of football and I'll see you again on Monday!



  1. do you take underdogs? no way you go better thank 50% with all those heavy favorites.

  2. There's a possibility that you're right, but WHICH UNDERDOGS are the ones that I should have taken? ;)