Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Remember The First Time (31)

"I've got to carry on but, I miss you (I miss you), oh, no other way to say it, and I, and I can't deny it, I miss you (I miss you), it's so easy to see, that you're part of me now..."
-Klymaxx- (I Miss You)

"Note to self - next time you try to be sneaky, turn off the damn flash..."
-Kourtney Chalmers- (via Twitter)

"These problems are piling all at once, cause everything that bothers me, I got it bottled up, I think I'm bottoming out, but I'm not about to give up, I gotta get up..."
-Eminem- (Say Goodbye To Hollywood)

I remember the first time that I worked 11 hours, 12 hours, 12 hours, and then 13 hours in consecutive days...  And no, surprisingly enough, I didn't get back into teaching and coaching this year...  :P  A lot of hours this week, but I'm being a trooper for you once again (and no, Taylor hasn't showed up again tonight..., yet???)...

I remember the first time that I saw a 'Hail Mary' broadcast from OUTER FREAKIN SPACE...  So, did any of you happen to watch the preseason game between the Carolina Panthers and the Baltimore Ravens tonight?  I realize that it's only preseason, but if you're going to broadcast the game, PLEASE zoom in enough so that your viewers CAN ACTUALLY SEE the final play of the game...  Thank you ESPN, I appreciate it...

I remember the first time that 'USA Today Sports Weekly' tried to steal my thunder...  When I returned home from work tonight, I took a minute to read Memphis Mojo's blog (which is aptly titled 'Memphis Mojo' - the link to Mojo's blog is located in the list of fine blogs over there on the right)...  This is a direct quote from Mojo regarding the big extra section on fantasy football provided by the publication mentioned above:  "The articles and draft advice were moronic..."  My timely response was, "I find this EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE!!!  You already have a source for moronic football information...  They need to stay off of my turf!"  That's right boys and girls, we're another day closer to the start of the FOOTBALL SEASON!!!  Make sure you come back here this weekend for my "Football Fridays" preview post, which will be giving you an idea of what you're in for here on Fridays starting exactly one week from now...  :)  I'm really looking forward to this football season (I remember the first time that I said that also, and it wasn't just now)...  ;)

I remember the first time that Joe Flacco was a genius...  Okay, so it seems that many people are on board with my opinion that Joe Flacco was overpaid during the offseason (the new contract), and I've talked with many others who agree that Anquan Boldin made Flacco's contract possible with his playoff performance.  I've also seen in several circles that people agree that the Ravens have lost too much going into this season to win the AFC North.  It's not like Flacco already has enough pressure, but I came across this headline just a few minutes ago on Yahoo!:  "Flacco:  Ray Lewis' Pep Talks Didn't Make Sense..."  Joe..., Mr. Flacco..., I don't care if Lewis gave his pep talks in a combination of Chinese, Spanish, and Pig Latin, but now you're knocking someone who's more popular than you're EVER GOING TO BE in Baltimore, so you MIGHT WANT TO tone it down just a little bit...  Have I mentioned that I CAN'T WAIT for football to begin...  ;)

I'm sorry my friends, but I'm out of steam now, and I had to drink a Mountain Dew just to get this far.  Please come back this weekend (the post will be made tomorrow or on Saturday, depending on when I work).  We're going to have a lot of fun during this football season...  :D  Have a great Friday and I'll see you soon!


  1. But Sports Weekly writers get paid BIG bucks for theirs.

  2. You're just a ray of sunshine Mojo... :P