Monday, August 26, 2013

Hannah Montana Isn't In Kansas Anymore

"Don't bite off more than you can chew (because nobody looks attractive spitting it back out)..."
-Carroll Bryant-

Good evening everyone.  Yeah, just a little while ago I realized that having twenty celebrity experts picking scores for EACH AND EVERY Texas State and Texas football game during the fall might be a little ambitious.  Getting the prognosticators isn't the problem that I'm having though - I'm not that shy...  ;)  Tracking down the total of forty people each week, compiling their picks and their preferred descriptions for the blog, and then typing up their predictions for the Friday entries is the time-consumer that already has me "spitting it back out..."  As a matter of fact, when I sent a tweet to one person that I know through Twitter, asking for their score on the upcoming Texas/New Mexico State game, another person saw that tweet and volunteered their pick...  :)  We'll go with ten for each game and maybe up that amount on special occasions (i.e., when I have more time)...  :P  I do have most of my experts for this weekend lined up already, and I'd like to say thank you for responding to my requests for your predictions so promptly!

Speaking of not being shy, my Twitter account was suspended for a good portion of the day yesterday, and I apologize to any of you who tried to access my account for any reason.  "Hannah Montana isn't in Kansas anymore" is about the most brilliant thing that I would have come up with yesterday anyway...  "WOW" about sums it up...  #areyoukidding  :O

Young people...  It seems that over the weekend, my friend Allie was eavesdropping on her mother's conversation about possibly taking in a foreign exchange student, because when her mother stopped talking, Allie BURST INTO THE ROOM all excited, saying, "I want a 'poor strange student'!  Can we get her today?!"  The day wasn't over yet for Allie though, as she proceeded to watch "Dangerous Adventures" later that evening.  She told her mom that she wanted to be an animal scientist, but then she retracted that statement, and said, "Maybe not, I might die!!!"  Allie is probably one of my favorite people that I've never met...  :)

Due to time constraints (I need to get some sleep before work tomorrow), I'm going to give you the condensed version of the fantasy baseball standings for this week.  Can you believe that I'm not in a fantasy football league yet?  :)  Anyway, 'The View From Bikini Hill' is currently sitting in 6th place in its league (DraftDodgers and Neshanic are 1 and 2), 'The Bikini Hill Bobcats' are currently in 5th in their league (with Breaking Bats and 4troublemakers holding the top 2 spots), and 'The Bikini Hill Nine' is currently tied for 3rd place in its league, with Nappy Heads (67 pts.), jonnylove7 (62 pts.), and Pittsburg Crawfords (61 pts.) also jockeying for position.  Even the 7th place team in the latter league is at 53 points, so that race will go right down to the wire...

Sorry again about the Twitter outage over the weekend.  Have a good one and I'll see you again tomorrow night!



  1. I am curious -- how did you get over 3,000 followers on twitter? I notice that you follow over 2,500 people. Tit for tat?

  2. "Hannah Montana isn't in Kansas anymore"

    Hannah Montana is in Kentucky with Bucky.

  3. Lightning, it just takes paying people a lot of money to be your friend... ;) Yes, tit for tat - if I follow them and they don't follow me, I unfollow them. Twitter has rules on how many people you can follow - some unknown ratio with the number of followers you have...

  4. One of these years, we should start a bloggers' fantasy league . . .

  5. Great idea - after the nap I take shortly, I have to get an account on ESPN so that I can play in the two leagues that I'm in so far. Haven't even been in a draft yet this year... I'm in if we can get the group on board for this season...