Saturday, August 10, 2013

Football Teaser

"Forgetting what it's like to live alone and be fully aware of your surroundings - every little sound freaks me out lol...  Ice Maker 1  Leanne 0" -Leanne Calderon- (via facebook)

"Tax Free (Weekend) is coming up and all I can say is I'm ready to get it over with..., from what people tell me about how crazy it gets and from seeing it that one time that I went out to shop lol...  I'm gonna ask if I can wear my slippers that day, because I know my feet are going to HURT!!!"
-Yvonne Gonzales- (via facebook)

"Did the Texans get the Cowboys' videographers for this game or what?"
-Max Cannady- (via facebook)

Good afternoon everyone.  Hey, Saturday is pretty much the same as Friday, right?...  Yeah..., sorry about that.  I moved back up to Austin on Monday (a fact that you're well aware of by now), and I never got to bed before 1:00 a.m. this week (not counting my after work naps when I CRASHED - I meant 1:00 a.m. for the night) due to trying to make my apartment more navigable.  Anyway, after I took a nap yesterday after work, it was too late to post (and expect anyone to read it), so I just plowed ahead with a trip to Walmart and staying up through the night, cleaning my apartment and going to wash my clothes at 7:00 a.m. this morning.  This morning I posted, "The early bird wears clean clothes" on facebook and Twitter, and when my friend Jessica tacked on "...and has a clean house," I accused her of spying on me...  :)  I apologize again for missing my post yesterday, but I'll make up for it today with a little tease of what next Friday's post is going to be made up of (cue suspenseful music)...

Before I go any further however, let me give a shoutout to a famous person since I once again brought up the subject of my move to Austin (and the references to this move will eventually go away)...  :)  After tweeting that I had just made my final commute from San Marcos to the ATX last Friday morning, Amanda Dugan, the Morning Traffic Reporter for KXAN News here in Austin (@mandydugan) asked me how the Friday commute was.  I replied that it was EARLY (because I had left at 5:00 a.m.), but I just wanted to give Amanda a shoutout because it's not every day that celebrities take the time to ask you about your commute.  Be sure to tune into KXAN for Amanda's morning traffic reports if you live here in the ATX since SHE IS one of my six Twitter followers...  ;)

Speaking of awesome people, this came across my facebook newsfeed earlier in the week:  "Not too many people like us when we hang out together..., but they're just mad they can't be this awesome..." -via Monica, Alyssa, and Raquel-  Now I've known Monica and Alyssa for 100 years, but I just recently added Raquel as a facebook friend yesterday.  What struck me as funny was that the first photo that I saw Raquel post was a shot of her wearing a Houston Texans jersey.  WHAT ARE THE ODDS that someone that I added as a friend would like FOOTBALL?!...  :P

Speaking of more awesome people, it's time to recognize my friends Emily, Paige, and Jasmine for graduating from Texas State University this weekend!!!  It's also time to recognize my friend Jenn for graduating from Texas Tech University!!!  And yes, even though she's not a Bobcat (#bighairproblem), we still love Jenn...  :D

Back to football (and yes, we're getting closer), this is a facebook conversation that I had with my brother earlier in the week:

Pete:  "No more 'tuck rule' - Big Ben is going to have a high number of turnovers..."

Me:  "Don't talk about this year's Super Bowl MVP like that..." (I might be a Steelers fan...)

Pete:  "Line on a second job..., comedian???  LOL"

Max's tweet at the top of the page (the video was messing up during last night's broadcast of the Houston Texans preseason game, thus the dig on the Cowboys), Raquel's jersey, that conversation with my brother..., yes..., the football is getting a little bit closer...  :)  BUT..., before we get to the football, let me add in one last facebook quote that I saw earlier today from my friend Amy:  "Ahhh..., football is on TV again and all is right with the world..."  Does that sound familiar Alyssa?  (Different Alyssa Alyssa)  ;)

Well, let me tease the football ONE LAST TIME by saying that my good friend Alyssa will be joining me here on Fridays this fall with her own little space, which will be called 'Alyssa's Corner' (appropriately enough, and the name was her suggestion)...  :)  Alyssa will be my football "sidekick" here in the blog, and there will be more details coming on that very soon...

Yes, that would be Alyssa...  You will hear more about her very soon, but right now...

And here we go...  Just because I'm a good guy, and because I've been rushing through SO MANY of my blog posts lately (and completely missing some - OOPS), I am going to give you a taste of next Friday's blog entry, the one in which I will be giving you A SLEW of predictions for the coming football season, by giving you three of those predictions today...

1)  NOT ONLY will the Baltimore Ravens NOT REPEAT as Super Bowl Champions, but I'm predicting that they DON'T EVEN MAKE THE PLAYOFFS this season, and they'll be LUCKY to be better than .500 (8-8).  Hey Carmen, hey Jenny...  :)  I hope that you enjoyed last year (which I KNOW YOU DID), but it won't be the same this year.  Okay everyone, the Ravens were playing mediocre last season until Ray Lewis returned from his injury.  This season they won't have Lewis' talent or leadership, or Ed Reed, or Anquan Boldin (who MADE Joe Flacco's new contract), in addition to a lot of other players.  I think that Flacco will do fine as a fantasy quarterback because I obviously think that Baltimore will be trailing in a lot of games, but will they repeat?  NO...

2)  NOT ONLY will Johnny Manziel NOT REPEAT as the Heisman Trophy Winner, but I"m predicting that he doesn't even get selected as a finalist (as this is assuming that he is eligible to play at all)...  I've been telling you for some time now that I've meant to write about Manziel, and as time has passed, he's repeatedly been in the news because of something new...  One of the things that I was going to address was his coach.  I FINALLY heard an analyst this week mention that he was surprised that Coach Sumlin hadn't stepped in, and this was the thought that I'd had.  My thing is that Coach Sumlin needed/needs to sit Manziel down, but even worse, what if he had already talked to Manziel, before he kept resurfacing in the news?   Even if Manziel is eligible to play, I think that it's going to be extremely hard for him to stay focused, plus teams have a book on him now, and he lost about half of his offense...

3)  NOT ONLY will Adrian Peterson NOT BREAK the single-season rushing record this season, but I'm predicting that he won't break 1,500 rushing yards...  I heard an analyst on a fantasy show a few nights ago saying that A.P. will break the record this year, and that teams will be "laying down for him" because he's so good, etc...  I'm not buying it...  It's not as if A.P. hasn't been the focus of defenses already, but he's going to get EVEN MORE ATTENTION now - you HAVE TO make somebody else beat you if you're the defensive coordinator!  Additionally, running backs haven't fared nearly as well the season after putting up totals in the neighborhood of the numbers that Peterson reached last year.  You have to factor in the toll of all of those carries, all of those hits, he needs to be healthy for most of the season...  I don't think he's going to get there...

There you go people, just a little taste of what's coming next Friday, now that I'll have a chance to sit down with my football magazines and try to make some sense of this thing...  :)  Have a great weekend and I'll see you again on Monday!


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