Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Could You? (32)

"One week of college has been better than four years of high school... #TXST17"
-@Kristella Tamez- (via Twitter)

"Aaaannnd I saw an albino squirrel on campus today! #justsayin #UT17 #goodluckforthissemester" -@Morgan_Yarnik- (via Twitter)

"Whatever Destiny wants, Destiny gets.  Just follow your Destiny..." -@Dest61699- (via Twitter)

Could you be more adorable?...  "Just follow your Destiny," from a girl named Destiny, as a TWITTER bio line.  FOLLOW Destiny.  Well done Destiny...  :)

Could you welcome back the Bobcats and the Longhorns?...  Yes, school is back in session people...  The Bobcats just down the road in San Marcos, America had their first day of classes on Monday (GREAT tweet by the way Kristella - I hope that Texas State continues to treat you well), and the Longhorns will be attending their first classes tomorrow, on Wednesday (most of you are reading this on Wednesday since I started typing it at about 10:00 p.m.).  And Morgan, the albino squirrel on the campus of UT is famous (and is even one of my Twitter followers)...  ;) -@UtexasAlbino-

Could you tell us about your visit to Cain & Abel's last night Coach?  As I said here in the blog last night, I will have no trouble getting celebrity experts to give me score predictions for the Bobcat and Longhorn football games each week - it's just compiling that information and typing it up that will challenge my time...  I already had five expert picks for the first UT game (they open this weekend at home against New Mexico State) when I decided to walk down 24th Street last night to Cain & Abel's to find 5 more people who were willing to go out on a limb and predict the final score for a game in which the Longhorns are favored to win by a mere 42 points...  I approached two different groups of people for scores, and the funny thing was that once I asked somebody in each group for their prediction, other people immediately jumped into the conversation eager to volunteer their picks...  It's gonna be a fun football season, and EVERYONE is looking forward to it!

Could you tell us something about the Bobcats matchup this weekend Coach?  Well, the last time I looked, the Bobcats were 7 1/2 point underdogs heading into this Saturday's game at Southern Mississippi.  The funny thing is, the Cats were 40-SOMETHING point underdogs at this time a year ago when they visited the Houston Cougars and STUNNED the college football world with their 30-13 upset win.  Just a little tease for Friday's premiere football predictions entry:  My Bobcat experts are finding SEVERAL DIFFERENT WAYS to say that they expect a close game in Mississippi this Saturday, while my Longhorn experts are finding SEVERAL DIFFERENT WAYS of stating that they do not expect a barnburner at DKR on Saturday...

Could you get yourself organized Coach?!  It took me until TONIGHT to retrieve my password for my ESPN account and get myself signed up for my first fantasy football draft of the season.  My league with friends from work is drafting on Sunday, and the NFL kicks off its season on Thursday - there's NOTHING like being well-prepared...  :P  The Bikini Hill Bobcats are the team that will proudly (??) be representing this blog in that league, and the Bikini Hill Horns and just awaiting a league invite from another coworker before they're official...  :)

Could you test the waters and see if any of the bloggers want to be in a fantasy football league this season?  Pete P. Peters made a comment on a recent blog entry of mine and was wondering if our little community of bloggers was ever going to form a fantasy football league...  I don't have the time to run a league right now, but if someone out there is willing to be the commissioner and we can hold our online draft at night (not this Saturday or Sunday night), then I am more than willing to compete in a third league with y'all this season.  Just let me know my friends...

Could you help me with my umbrella Coach?  We actually had some wind on the campus of UT earlier today, and it LOOKED LIKE it might rain just a little bit.  When it did start to sprinkle, I saw a student whose umbrella flipped "inside-out" due to the wind.  She started to reach for the edges of the umbrella to pull it back to its normal deployed position.  I had seen all of this transpire and called over to her - "just point it back into the wind..."  Being a smart college student, she took my advice, and the wind straightened her umbrella back out.  :P  And just remember, you're getting all of this for FREE...  ;)

Well boys and girls, I'll be back on Thursday with your next blog entry, and on Friday, it's our first football predictions entry of the 2013-2014 season!!!  :)  Have a good one!


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